Gong Xi Fa Cai pt I

11 02 2007

Note: I’m trying something new with this post by using thumnails of the pictures. You can click on them to see larger and clearer images.


A couple of weeks ago Sisook says to me, can you and your wife make it to dinner on the 9th? I’m getting old, and I want my family together so we can all enjoy some good times together. This was his plan for Chinese Year of the Boar New year party. In the past it is usally at the school/studio. This time he took us to a resturant.

dscn1949.gifIt is a small place in Oakland Chinatown. He invited some of his senior students, My Sifu and a couple of his senior students , Lady Zen and myself. We meet at his bridal shop in Chinatown and walked over tot he resturant. dscn1950.gifIt was a rainy night in Oakland , but everyone was in good spirits, even my Sifu’s group after driving almost 2 hours in the traffic.

dscn1952.gifThere were enough of us to take up four large round tables which was most of the resturant. Simodscn1953.gif ordered food and special stuff for us few vegitarians in the group. We brought along 12 bottles of wine and chowed down.

dscn1956.gifIt was a good gathering, some of the groups had not seen each other in a while. Lady Zen is getting more comfortable around the group now that she knows more of them and they always make it a point to speak with her.

After the meal several of us remarked about how wonderful the food was and good service. This was not your regular run of the mill chinese food. All fresh, not a bunch of starchy filler nor heavy sauces. Those of us talking remarked how we wished it was large enough to handle our Annual Banquet for the Late SiGong.


Always all had a good time. Sisook had such a good time tha Simo asked me to drive him home as

he was in no shape to drive his car , they had two cars with them. Lucky I drove the truck over so Lady Z could follow us. She


does not know how to drive the BMW stick shift well as yet.

Next week is Dinner at Sifu’s

Good times in Calli




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