Gong Xi Fa Cai- Pt II

18 02 2007

boar 1

Happy New Year – Gong Xi Fa Cai


gong si











No way did I eat this , I do not care what year it is…!


sifus table 1

Settling in one table of 3




yeah we keep a few weapons around…




going back for seconds or thirds…


It’s Sat night after a long day it’s time to head to campbell for my Shrfu’s Chinese New year Party. Sisook calls and wants me to pick him up. He never wants to drive. He knows I will not drink much, and he can just go for it.

We get there just shortly after the named starting time. There is a good spread, a couple of things I could eat, and so I had a good plate. Shrfu gives me a cup for the good congnac and I take a spot with Shrfu and the other seniors. Everyone was in good spirits and as normal the conversation turned to Kung fu. Also as usual they spoke in Chinese, I followed as best I could for a while then went an hungout with some of the others for a while. It was good visitingeveryone. There were several schools as usual, this time Campbell, Walnut Creek, and beside myself and a student was the San Francisco Sifu and his senior student. Also visiting was the son of a later elder from Hawaii. He was resently in a Major car accident and had his neck broken. We all thought he was going to die, he now has a plate in his head and a pin in his back , but is almost fully recovered. So much to the point that he is practicing again, slowly, but practicing. He said it was hella hard road to crawl.

After eating our fill and cleaning up the table the talk got serious on Kung fu. Fong Sibak is always is interesting to talk with. He went through Theory and Pincipals of our Praying Mantis. Fighting theories and stratagies against multiple attackers, also drills and getting free from grapples. As well as actions against much larger opponents and a handy legal weapon . It was a good evening, inspiring to practice more.





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