New Year Nite @ Yoshi’s

19 02 2007

brothersWe catch the last show at Yoshi’s on Chinese New Year’s Night. The Yoshita Brothers were excellant. The club was packed, I think we got the last open table, afterward people started doubling up. I’m glad we got there when we did. We could have been in Japan as there were so many Japanese and mixed Japanese couples. There were also age groups of people across the board, I found surprising. We ordered a drink each while we waited. I had creamy sake and little french fries with some kind of sauce ( oshii ) , Lady Z had a Cocktail with sushi. Interesting combo eh, Japanese drink with American snack, American Drink with Japanese snack.

The brothers played for about 1.5 hours, sometimes with a backup keyboard and percussionist. Who was VERY GOOD. Both brothers are good musicans and skilled with their axes ( musician term), the older brother seem somewhat better though, perhaps he’s been at it longer. Anyway good concert. It helped me see some of the things I have been fooling around with on my Shamisen were right on. I also see now some of the style of playing, so it was a learning exprience for me as well. As it turns out, I happen to find a shamisen teacher on our last visit to J-town. We contacted her several weeks ago about lessens. She is not too far from us and the cost is very reasonable. After returning from Japan and getting settled in with whatever new schedule I’ll need I get in touch with her again about starting classes.

As far as the Yoshita brothers, if you are interested in a different kind of sound check them out on the net. Oh, the New Wii game TV comercal music is them playing.


Next week The Kyudo Seminar…




6 responses

20 02 2007
Becky J

I am listening to the Yoshida Brothers while I write this post. Cool! Nice music. I am glad you both had a good time. Creamy Sake….neve tried it..sounds good.

24 02 2007
Dorothy Hashimoto

Hi, I came across your post. I’ve been trying to find a shamisen teacher in the Bay Area, I was wondering who you found because I’m very interested in playing and I can’t find anyone. Please contact me back. Thanks.

24 02 2007
Romulus Burnett

Zen this is a mad, crazy, cool site. Brother you blowin’ the doors off of Asia Major, minor, inside and outside. Your site is like strolling through a major Asian market in greater Atlanta. There’s so much stuff I want to read about I don’t know where to start. I am honored that you would link my site to your page and I will show my gratitude by doing the same for yours. Stay strong and live long.

25 02 2007

Veng, thanks for the shout!

26 02 2007
Mike McKay

Oh Zen oh Zen. You lucku boy. You saw them so far from Japan. Bet it was the first time they saw a black man with a white beard. Hehe.

The site is looking fantastic. Great! Sorry I haven’t been around as much as I’d like. Keep listening to the Yoshida Brothers. Did you get their new album? You might also try Agatsuma and Rin.

See ya soon in Kobe. 🙂

26 02 2007

Hey!! who you calling a white beard!! 🙂

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