Monterey revisted

4 03 2007

On Friday we took a drive down to Monterey to visit the Tokyo delegation.


It was suppose to be for Friday and Sat, however since we had too many things to get ready for the Japan trip, we made it a one day run.

It was a really fast run, I thought it was 3 hours driving , however it was only two. Our first trip down we needed to go Salinas because we were staying there, that added some extra time to the trip, this time it was direct down.

The weather was perfect, it had been raining the last few days, well week really , but Friday the NATUREweather was great, sunny not too cool not too warm. We arrived around 1:oopm and checked out our friends new apt. Comfortable place. we loved the furniture, we have the same taste. After a bit of a chat we headed out for lunch. We walked as it was a good day. The walk took us along the waterfront, we got great nature views and learned some history of the Monterey area.hawk At one time there was a Large Chinese population there right next to where the Monterey Aquarium now stands. They left the area after a large “mysterious” fire destroyed the town. Hmmmm. There was also a large Japanese population there in the area. They are credited with developing the diving rig currently used by Navy other sea exploration. They also for some reason “just left” hmmmm. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm….

4 4 wOur first stop was for a little wine tasting. We had several local wines, the serving we a bit small I thought but, I got a little buzz as did the Yin side of the delegation. We ate lunch at a nice little seafood place with a view of the ocean, we had a simple meal but was very good. We both ordered a sampler plate, which was a great choice and one other item each.

After a lunch we headed upstairs for another wine tasting, but the place was way too crowded. It is it seems the local hang out place. Understandable as the ocean view from there is very nice.

From there we head out, we have to be to another location by a certain, as our friend forgot his ID at work and it was being held for him. He head over to the Miltary base to retrive the ID from his friend, but ended up hanging out at the local military bar were they were waiting for him. We all went in they had beers the ladies and I had softdrinks, I hate beer 😦

It was interesting hanging with the military guys, and listening to some of their stories and interact with each other some of it was insider stuff but I got the jest of it. I thought these guys were inlisted men, but turns out they were officers. Anyway it was interesting. I had not been in a bar that I was not giging at in years.

Next stop to the Delegations home base. We watched Sadie concert DVD’s … nice! Then started pizzas. We each madepizza kitchen our own, they had pizza dough from Trader Joe’s ( one of our favorite stores). It reminded me of making pizza’s at the end of ceramic class last year in the outside oven. Anyway , we each made little pizza’s, mine was the bomb! I’m sure tey though their were good also, but I know mine was the bomb 🙂 The restof the evien gwas pizzas, wine, snack and chats. It was fun. Lady Z got great ideas she said about work in Japan when we move and things she can do and research now to help with that. Japan has a serious glass ceiling. If you are over 30 it is near impossible to find full time work.

WIne n pizzaAround 12:00am we wrapped it up and headed back north. It was a pleasant visit. We were back home around 2:oo settled in qiuckly and crashed.zzzzzzzzzzz

…Next Osaka, Japan




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6 03 2007

Not only a glass ceiling in age in Japan, but also by gender I believe. I hope I am wrong though. I cant drink alcohol these days, my body just reacts very badly. I can enjoy myself without, and be so joyous and silly that everyone assumes I have imbibed like all the rest! Bon voyage for the next big one!

7 03 2007

True Val, that was really more of what I was refering to a woman over 30 has a slim chance of full time work so it is age and gender. One of the down sides of Japan. There is no place that is perfect. Well I guess that would depend on your perspective also…

10 03 2007
Rosie Watson

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