Busy signals and low tides

7 03 2007


Someone should come up with a busy signal for emails. Yeah I know there are those notifiy when this is read thingys. I think my email mail software has one. I should use it, on the other hand maybe it is better not to know…

I wrote a Kung fu classmate of mine, who I had a lot of respect for, two times. Questions about his Chen Buddist path… a priest…No Answer.

I wrote /sent two emails to a guy from the Kyudo class who gave me, his address to send pictures to…I did…no answer

I wrote to the instructor of the Kyudo class about the next seminar…no answer.

I wrote to a friend of ours about resending a mail sent… no answer.

I wrote to a guy in Japan who I help with his website, about meeting him… no answer.

I wrote to another guy in Japan, three times about how long to walk to his house, …no answer.

I wrote to another guy about when he was free to hookup in Japan after he said he wanted to…yup, no answer.

I hope I have not done that to anyone… I think not ( at least one with a question).


Ommmm Ommm

work and life happens…so do internet gliches…Shikatanai

people are busy …so I am…Shikatanai

Like passing thoughts in zazen, time to let it go and re-center on the breath…Shikatanai

Life is full of delutions…many of our own making…like things that I think are happening…Shikatanai

I have none that my job is stable…but that does not help my mood…Shikatanai

Back to breathing…and mindfulness of now…Shikatanai

The tide comes in…the tide goes out…the tide comes in…Shikatanai


The rocks of life are always there, even when we can not see them…til the tide goes out…




One response

8 03 2007

Just to say thanks for the reminders. Breathing and centring, never worrying about how many times – just being in the present. What a relief its all so simple!

However – I too have concerns over a job that is not as stable as I thought. Tricky one, that.

Bon voyage!

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