Osaka Park Tai Chi II

16 03 2007

It is Friday already, wow the week went fast. I got up early this morning, thinking about if felt like going to the park, in the cold, to practice with the group. Also being on the shy side, I felt maybe I would be intruding. I checked my email after getting awake and there was a comment on the last Osaka Taichi post from wujimon.

He had commented about the different energy of group practice. He is right the chi flow is stronger in a group. So I took that as a sign I should go. Besides it would be my first group early morning park practice, and being in Japan that would make it special as part of this “Zen’s most excellant adventure” So I dressed and headed out.


I left somewhat early figuring to get my own practice in before hand. I picked a little spot just off from where they would assemble. I was amazed at the amount of people mostly older that were out jogging or walking that early in the cold.

I started my routine of warmups, then went into Sigong’s Tai Chi Palm. Half way through I noticed a few people watching from the other area, from the couple of remarks and stares I guessed they were part of the group. Next I did Sigung’s Tai Chi Sword, when I finished the group had gathered and were starting their warmups. I gathered my stuff and headed over.

The lady I knew, motioned for me to join them so I did. I followed along on the warmups. After a bit I figured out they were doing Pa Lum Gum. ( 8 silken movements). Although somewhat different from the way I learned I was able to follow easily.

Afterward we went into Yang 24. They had music chinese music and narration going through some of the warmups and through the fom. It was their guide I am guessing. We went through the set two times. It was a good feeling to be out doing this with the locals. Lady Zen says they are very use to us Gaijin this this area as there is a exchange school or soemthing in the area. This may expalin why people never bat an eye when they see me.


Afterwards I introduced myself to the group and was told they are there everyday. I was also taken aside and told something I did not catch at first. I thought she was asking about a movement, or telling I was doing a movement wrong. However after a bit I got it she was taking about doing the sword in the park was not good. Another Auntie also said, the sword in the park in not good to do. She said, it is a collaping sword?, I said yes, she said I want to do that also. I do not think even the Japan police with consider my folding sword a weapon to be taken as threat to anyone, unless I hit someone on the head withthe handle, but I will keep that in mind.

After we ended, I went over to a spot by the lake for some Zazen.

It was a good start for the day.

I am enjoying my vacation in Japan, this has been the best visit. Also way too short. The park here is beautiful I look forward to seeing it in the Autumn one day.


News from state side is, there have been layoffs at my company. Not unexpected, seems the force is with me, I have dodged the bullet again. That would be a real downer to hear while on vacation I was sacked, well anytime really but more so whilst on vacation. Who knows what awaits upon my return…


worrying about it will not change anything, but my peaceful space and distory the moment…

So for now, life is not only good, but the Force is with me.




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16 03 2007

Hello Z,
One thing I really like is my google tai chi alert as now it includes blogs. So instead of just seeing the odd interesting article, and announcements of classes in Smallville, I get to read interesting blogs about tai chi in Osaka in the early morning….
I am a also tai chi teacher, lifetime student, artist and apprentice marketing person.
I began my journey 25 years ago in a small group and wasn’t until my fourth and present teacher that I had the opportunity to play in a large group outside. There is a completely different energy. There are other reasons too I am sure, such as I never did Qigong until this group and that has made a huge difference in my practice and health.
I live in Toronto and our instructor’s class Sunday mornings used to be outside all year round for the past 10 years, but now one of our teachers is 87 and in deference to her, we have leased a room at a community centre for the really cold months; can’t say I am too unhappy about it though..
Lately I have taken to doing some tai chi photoart, after years of making hand quilted sword bags, and stained glass art.
You can see some examples on my website:
I would be honoured if you have a photo of yourself doing tai chi that I could use for my tai chi collection.

16 03 2007

Yes, nothing like practising in a group in the open air. During the summer break in classes, we get together and practise beside a lake. That is the best location as far as I can see.

I agree with Lindalou that Qigong (whichever way you spell it) is integral to practice. I am sure my health, and certainly the state of my knees, is much improved. And of course my state of mind – goes without saying!

I went to several parks in the early morning in Kyoto, but only encountered one lone male practitioner. With no Japanese language (though I have started classes now!) I walked on by.

28 07 2009

Hi, I’m going to Tokio for 3 weeks and I’m looking to join a group for Taichi, the first week I’ll be very close to Waseda University and after in Kiyosumi, please keep me posted, it’ll be great to join a group there.

Arigato Gozimas

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