Storm Clouds

22 03 2007


Storm Clouds and the winds of change. The tai chi symbol says life is change. Nothing that is good stays good, nothing that is bad stays bad. When something is positive sooner or later it has to turn negative. Fullness turns to emtpyness.

I was right about my job … it is no more.

What will the winds of change bring…




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22 03 2007

That’s a test of one’s inner tranquillity – to be without a job. Strangely enough, my job will also be no more in a few weeks. But we (its happened to several of us) are told that a job will be available, just perhaps not the one we want in the new structure. As you say, everything changes. The flow of the Universe is unstoppable.

23 03 2007

Well the bandwagon is getting full, I will be out of a job in exactly 7 days time… I sympathise, empathise and any oth -ise that is relevant. I have found the time since knowing I no longer have a job and the redundancy day of next friday stuffed full of stuff to do, I am far businer than I thought.

I wish you luck, take time time to think which path to take, what will be will be, the answer is on its way to you, just give it time and make yourself available for it.

Maybe us redundant-sailors should create a company… what ynergies do we have that could creat a wonderful “thing”?

Good luck my friend and keep us all posted of how things flow..

23 03 2007

Thank you both for your comments. Though worlds apart we ride the same sea.
May we all find our course, through the storm.

3 04 2007
Mike McKay

Hi Zen. I’m sorry to hear you have lost your job. I’m in the same boat as you know. The best part about this is that now you can drop everything and move here to Kobe. Tomoko and I have set up a couple futons in my office so you two will be comfortable. We’re having the cable company install a satellite so you can still get your TV shows. We’re looking into installing a small kitchen and a bathroom in the office but I’m not sure it will all fit.

WAIT a second. You can’t stay in my office. Where will I sleep?

Yer on yer own buddy.

PS: Still hope to hear you guys are coming here sooner than later.

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