Berkeley Kyudo revisited

27 03 2007

MakawaraI went to Kyudo class tonight. Even though we are going to need to tighten our belts big time I figured I should get at least one class in. I purchased a bunch of equipment whilst in Japan for the practice. It is unknown when I’ll be able to go again. I will go again at some point but the thing is regular is at question. Anyway I figured to get one class in before I cut it. Tonight seemed prefect. I wanted to give them photos from the seminar, also since my Kung Fu class had missed so many classes this month with my travelling, we would start fresh for April.

It was good to see the few that were there, they were surprised to see me and did remember me. That was nice. The class was small not a lot of folks were there. Which was nice really. The Zazen was calming with the group. Then we did a group shoot. My first time, I just followed and did what they did. It went well. After that we just practiced. I got a lot of shoot time in. I was given a few corrections and advice, it was good. There was at least one or two times I got that “feeling” ahh this is what it is about. Not that I hit the traget center, but the focus, the build up of tension, then the release of the arrow and the moment of bliss, calm and relaxing afterward, almost sex-like. I also got injuried. The bow string caught the side of my face one time when I was not turned enough and the string slaped me in the eye. I could feel a knot later and it swelt up. I can still feel the knot there. oh well, I’ve gotten worse from working wiht my Kung Fu weapons.

The evening was short, I got to use my glove and wear the vintage Hakama, which I was worried it was too short, but was just right and got some correction and practice. Most of all I got to not think about being jobless and the rocky road ahead. So it was worth the cost of one class for the peace and distraction from the storm clouds.

There is a big seminar in May, I really want to attend, however, the cost at this time is prohibitive . However who knows what the tide will bring by then. The tides of life go out, they come back in…



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28 03 2007
Rick Matz

Are you going to set up a target at your home?

A long time ago, when I was training in Yoshinkan aikido, I took took the summer off before testing for 2nd or 3rd kyu (I forget) to work on the new house we just moved into. I didnt’ go to class, but I religiously did the basic movements, 100 back breakfalls, and 500 sword cuts every day. I also walked through all of my testing techniques, and really studied the techniques I had on video tape.

When I got back to training, I was in great shape, and my basics were really sound. After just a few weeks, I was really ready for the rank exam.

Maybe a little time to work on your own is a gift? A few weeds in the garden makes us better gardeners.

Best Regards,


28 03 2007

Thanks for dropping in Rick. Very true words. It is good to get some time to work on basics and tending the garden, it is spring. I said in my sailing blog about while waiting for the tide to change it was good to get the bilge cleaned and other misc tasks.

I do not have a bow to use a traget with, but I do have pleantly of Kung Fu stuff that needs work. My Sisook already said I should take advange of the time and practice more.

I can also get some more wheel time in at school for ceramics

Sail time in …

I could go on & on & on & on… 🙂



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