1 04 2007

I went to Shibo’s tailor shop today as usual when I’m not otherwise pressed with things to do and I did a few things for him. He is very concerned about my job lost and is coming up with things for me to do at both the tailor and weddings/ photography shops. Some say Chinese are very racist to Blacks, however all that I have met have been very kind to me. In many ways he has been my mentor. The Chinese I know treat me as family. Even the ones I know casually are still respectful, they tend to warm up after they know you better. Maybe they appreciate someone having an interest in their culture. Not to say I have not met some who are not, but I’ve met some of everyone who are not, there are jerks everywhere, of all colors. Still… Maybe it has to do with how one treats others and the level of respect shown, or just personal enlightenment… or that due unto others thing.

Anyway I digress.

He reminded me to useOn leg this time to get some practice in, even though it maybe difficult to focus. Another way of saying being mindful while practicing. I had wanted to go to HeartZen Meditation class this afternoon, however there was none. Shijie is locating another place for it to be held. Too bad I no longer have my studio I could offer that although it was rather out of the way I think for many. Anyway, other than my own morning Zazen no session today.

There are other ways of centering, which I really need to do more of under these darken sky’s. Tai Chi, Sailing, Ceramics, Gardening, Zazen, Kyudo all part of that Zen oneness, centering , mindfulness thing when approached correctly.

I took a break from the events of survival and did some Tai Chi Sword practice. Shibo is of course right, I do need to put some more practice time in now while I have it. That does also go on the list with the other things I need and want to do while I have some free time. Spend more time on the throwing wheel before school ends, I have a few items I want to make still, raise my web skills so I can find more work in that line of design, work on the balcony garden, sail, increase my Japanese skills, clean/organize the storage space, catalog/video the Shaolin Mantis sets. If I could do only all that stuff full time and still have money, that would be sweet. There is however that pesky need to make /have money. Money really is the root of all evil…

However one has to look at things in a balanced way, as in the Tai Chi symbol. As as some Zen masters say there is no good or bad there is only the moment. So …if money is used for good, or to inable one to do good… then we are back to perspective and the moment. Simple, yet complex.

Hmmm. Anyway, I’m spending the day centering on Sunday, Zazen, Tai Chi , Sailing, Band practice. I have an interview on Monday, not a job I really want, because of the commute, which means, I maybe offered it and have to choose.

Life is funny like that sometimes.




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1 04 2007

I could have driven two hours (and two hours back) to a Day of Mindfulness with some zazen and kinh hanh (Vietnamese word for kin hin) but chose to stay at home and mindfully tend the garden. I felt the focus of my practice right now is my home situation/relationship.

Seeing the photo reminds me that I am taking my new sword to t’ai chi class for the first time tomorrow night. Its a lot to live up to, being only a beginner. But I will use it with mindfulness and integrity – and by being centred!!!

In case you dont know these Words For Each Day :-

“Each day in life is training
Training for myself
Though failure is possible
Living for each moment
Equal to anything
Ready for anything

I am alive
I am this moment
My future is here and now

For if I cannot endure today
When and where will I?”
Soen Ozeki
Daisen-in Temple, Kyoto

2 04 2007
Becky J

I just caught up with your trip to Japan. What a wonderful vacation you had! I am most happy for you and Lady Z.

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