I don’t get it…

5 04 2007

Rant #2

Here in the good ole US of A, we have a lot of good things going, & many that suck. The old yin/yang thing is one view. But not really because that is all about balance. So it is really more about taking the good with the bad. Well one of the good things which is bad is the operation of our un-employment system. Yes it is good that it is there, HOWEVER…

The way it is run SUCKS. You can work 20 yrs and PAY money into this system , but when you need some of it back they only will give you 1 yr max! If you work 6 months then go on Un-employment, you get 1 yr Max. and only that if the economy is bad!


This is money you work for , they MAKE you pay into , but when you need it they treat you like they are digging in there pockets to give it back, like it is charity! This is money YOU earned!, they keep it, insist you pay it, but when you need it, you are made to feel like a beggar. I do not get it!

If you quit, you get NOTHING!!

Not fair!

But if there is a war for gas somewhere…$$$$$$ away it goes.


In Japan even if you quit, you get Un-employment. But you do have to wait 3 months before you get paid, quit or not…see, the good with the bad thing again.

Life is funny like that…

End rant..now back to our regular programing.




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