Kung Fu Kommuting

21 04 2007

So ends my first week of kommuting to the new job. The job itself is ok. The people are nice. My space is still being setup. There is a Mac on order for me ( yeah). I am setting up my work area, adding the Zen touch. Very different from having my own office…one adapts…the bamboo bends in the wind.


The pay is not great, but it is pay. The commute sucks! There was an accident everyday. Today Friday was good, maybe more people are dong the Friday off thing the road was not so packed. I was able to make good time going and coming home. I need to get my Cycle on the road, then I can ride the commute lane or the back/side streets, besides saving ga$ for the trip to work.


I am amazed at how much in a rush people are and how little patience. I guess that is a reflection of life, modern life here on the whole…stress. I got the flashing lights “move faster” from a couple of people driving just because I let a space of 5 car lengths in front of me. Even though just past that space was a backup of some 50 plus cars. So even if I did go faster I can only go for 1000 yards or so afterwards I would have to slow down. Then there are the people that cut others off to get that one car space in front of another, and the ones that jump across 3 lanes of traffic to get off at an exit because the were not paying attention.
What do this have to do with Kung Fu? well this is it. In training we are taught to be more aware of our surrounding, to find harmony with it. Seek a balance in the motion. In Buddhist philosophy there is mindfulness. Same idea , different words. how it works in this case, not being on the phone while driving, not cutting someone off because they are giving the car in front a safe distance, not playing so much attention to the car broke, flat tire, accident on the side of the rode that you rear end the guy in front, not putting on makeup or eatting or fiddling with the blackberry. Doing one thing well, being in the moment…driving.

It is watching around you, feeling the flow of the traffic, slowing, pacing, sensing. Not just looking but sensing. Kind of like sailing in a storm, in the fog. Or walking down a dark street, in a crime area. You look, but you also feel the space.

It is a dangerous world on the commute road, you have to be on your J.O.B. not on the phone!

Kung Fu as I have said many times is not just about fighting, it is not only about being in balance with the world, spiritually and physically, but avoiding danger, self defense. Protection of the temple, the vehicle of your spirit, the house of God takes many forms. Good food, meditation, exercise, love are part of it, and now in the modern world defensive driving. Modern weapons are not just guns, bombs, chemicals, but cars with people in a rush.




4 responses

24 04 2007
Becky J

Yep, those people on the phone! When we are making our hour + ride south we are amazed at how many people are on the phone…driving all over the road. There are way more people on their phones than not. I guess they aren’t as bad as the ones reading paper back books or newspapers while driving! What is wrong with people??

24 04 2007

“Not just looking but sensing. Kind of like sailing in a storm, in the fog”… I agree completely. We’ve only got 5 senses and we don’t even use them!!!

25 04 2007
Rick Matz

You don’t learn kung fu, you practice it.

25 04 2007

How true…

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