A weekend at the Circus

21 05 2007

programThe Marx Brothers had a movie called a Day at the circus, I liked those old flicks…

When I was a young musician playing in LA and on the Hollywood strip I worked with a number of clowns. They were tiring. Some of the venues were a mess in fact a circus. This weekend was my first time playing with a real circus it ran pretty well. So why do they call something dis-organized a cirus Hmmm.

I got there a little later than asked but still sat around for 1.5hr before the show started.building The location was at a old theatre/gym over in the Haight/Asbery district in S.F.

There were two shows on Sat andone on Sun. It was an interesting show, talllots of trapeze acts and hanging rope acts. One girl inside of a rolling wheel was pretty cool. All those type of act were impressive on their strength and body control. As a students of the MA prehaps I looked at things a little different than some of the others in as much as knowing what type of training and effort the artists had to put into their pieces. Oh the contortionists were pretty impressive.

The band played one song at the end of the show , the closer. Lady Zen thought it allbass interesting it was some thing very different for her.

In between the shows, we took off for Japantown. There we had lunch, did some grocery shopping and I took her to the Bart for hte trip hoe while I went back for the second show.

The evening show was mostly the same with a couple of variations. The band 3stacksince we had no rehersal, sounded much better for the second show. The bummer… after the closing song, we’re warmed up and the show is over 😦

Just when we were getting into a groove. C’est La Vie.


enterIt was a bloody circus getting to the show today. The Bay to Breakers race was being held. Fo r those not from Cal do a Google on Bay to Breakers. Basicly it is a S.F. specticule hinden as a race. People run in costumes, naked or half naked, etc. Anyway streets were block, traffic was bad, people were everywhere. However I made it to the show with 15 min to spare before doors opened. Today I brought the good camera so I was able to get the shots that are shown. Again same show as the other days, with just one act different, I guess therope-1.gif whole thing could be called a acrobat circus, most of the acts were some kind of acrobat but for the contortionist.

swing 1Today show went well, pretty fast, again the band got the groove at the end. Everyone liked the live music. So all went well for the shows, I got a envelope at the end, saying it was a little band-aid for bridge tolls. It turned out to be more than just tolls , it was all most my pay for the Sat I missed at work, sweet. The good Karma came back.

hanging 1

hanging II






I came across The Concord Express band members today on my way to the show. They wanted to know when I was going to do the songs I gave them, that I would sing… also said they were going to switch to Jazz and not just blues. Hmmm I thought. Well it was one of several things I thought which I will not post, , heheheh, but…I said, I’m free next Sunday for rehersal…this should be interesting…





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7 06 2007
Becky J

Looks like it was a good show. Those old Marx Bros movies are also some of my favs.

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