Zen @ the Chan session

27 05 2007

It has been several months since I have been able to attend my Zen (Chan) meeting. Part ofBamboo sky it due to my schedule partly due to theirs. The American Zen Assoc does not have regular building or place to met, We meet where we are able. It seems like will be be regular now at the Taiwanese Cultural Center in Fremont. It is about 1 hour drive, but worth it are Lady Zen’s words after she went through the meeting. It was her first time attending today.

Let’s back up some,.. bebbrbrbbebrbbrbrbbrrrr beep.

I went to Sisook for work this morning around 12:15 the Lady Z comes by and we take off for the session. I figured in plenty of time. However, as things go sometime. We got lost. Even through I thought I was following the map, and did stop and ask directions , we were still lost as far as finding the place. When I stopped trying to locate it by logic and just followed my “zensense’ we came right up on it, just as the map said. I had gotten off the freeway too soon. Doh!

We arrived at the meeting, it had already well started, but we were found sitting and joined in. Lady Z had a few things explained to her about what was going on as most of the talk was in Chinese. Between Sister and myself we explained things and Lady Z understood for the most part.

After the beginners session there was a break an elder brother from LA who was visiting introduced himself to us. I had spoken with him via the net and Emails, He was the one who first turned me on to HeartZen. This was our first live encounter. He introduced us to a few of his friends some of which spoke Japanese and lived at one time in Tokyo, so the Lady Z was surprised. We were able to have a pleasant and informative chat. Lady Z had some questions which she was wondering about and got those taken care of. She was very pleased to speak with him and find out some better details on what was going on with the practice and some of the results she can expect from it.

We found out they will be meeting 2 times a month, every other Sat, so that works out perfect for me and her. I Will have my sailing class to teach next week, and there is no Zen class ( the Force at work).

Lady Z was very pleased with the experience. She like that the people were willing to explain things to you not just say just sit and do not think. She like that there was no big deal about what clothing you wore or colors. She liked that even though Shixiong (elder brother) and the other seniors were there, they acted like and were treated like everyone else. It was a good session. I feel as good if not better than when I first in countered this group. As I said and felt then, I feel at home and comfortable with the people there. It is spiritual on a real level to me.




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27 05 2007
Rick Matz

Much like zazen, zhan zhuang is the best practice I’ve ever adopted for myself.

31 05 2007

To keep wet clay workable for a long time, try put it in an air tight plastic container. But once it’s dry, too dry to work it, you have to let it dry out completely. The only way to reclaim it then is to break it up and add water… etc. What I mean is that, in between being soft and workable and being completely dry, there’s no way you can use it. (this is a comment from a sunday potter!)

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