Mercury is in retrograde

7 07 2007

Mercury is in retrograde I had heard/seen this several times over the last couple of weeks and had it said to me, via email today. I did not put a lot of thought into it as I am not a follower exactly of western Astrology on a large scale. Not That I do not have my interest in it, and feel from a Zen/Taoist perspective we are part of all that is, so things that affect the world, the universe effect us. Eg: Moon & tide, sun spots. I have found that Chinese astrology to me hits more on the mark. I have done more studies in Chinese astrology than western, in term of energy flow, yin/yang, five elements that sort of stuff. As when I found out this was year of the boar/pig. I knew it would not be a good year for me. So far the worst in several years and started just after the new lunar year…The Boar. Energy wise Boars and Tigers are not the best of companions. So now there is this Retrograde thing whether or not it has to do with all that is going on in my life, I’m not saying 100% but… it is for real not helping…I looked it up, sounds like just what is happening… perhaps just fluke.. perhaps not… we know little of the true workings of the universe…after all we are here and alone, so we think, in this part of the universe, how did that happen…sorry I digress

I find it interesting that Baby Bush has this big scandal happening at the same time. On the day after my independence day. Oh, you do not know about that? you do not follow by land and sea then…tisk tisk tisk, you only get half the story…

I’ll recap in a bit.


The 4th of July here was quiet for the Lady Zen and I. We went to s/v Zen and escaped from reality for a while. Well not reality but from the vibe & heat of the city.

We ate, sleep, read, BBQ’d, floated, hammock swung, and watched fireworks. It was nice. A good beginning for the 1st day of my new independence.


For the last few weeks, I had been feeling heavy heavy vibes as we old hippies use to say. These days I call it the “zen sense”, anyway it has been on full alert. I had been taking each day at work as “Zen Practice” being fully in each moment as possible paying attention to details. Something was off… Last week I was wondering if I had made the wrong choice taking this job, was it worth the stress I was getting from the Female Boss of the team. I had to make the best of it, since I was trapped, I could not quit. I could only ganbatte!( do my best). Monday night I was feeling very uneasy. I was looking forward to having Wed through Friday off. As the shop was going to be closed. Even though I was not getting paid, it was still a relief to be free of there for a few days. Yet, something was off…

Tuesday; I was loaded down with work, do this, do this, is this finished, this is not done yet, it has to go! Yes, yes, yes, Right away, I’m on it. At the end of the day, I get a serious attitude from the Dragon, lets call her. A short while later the brother comes out and says ” I need to talk with you in the office”. In the distance I heard the bell toll!

The rest was not a surprise. “we (as in she, the dragon)dragon

have decided it is not working out with you, we are going in another direction” After he gave me the standard stuff he says. I’ve had to do this other times in my working life, but I am not feeling good about this time. It is mostly to do with you and my sister’s incompatibility. After a bit more chatting he says. I understand just how you are feeling, I am in the same boat. I am so frustrated working with her, I would love to be brought out of this partnership. Her attitude needs to change or I’m finding a way out soon. This can not go on as business as usual. I have seen his frustration with her, and heard how she talks to him as well over the time I’ve been there. Anyway I’m out o there, toast! The I-Ching was correct this was a short lived encounter.

Life’s Yin & Yang…

dragonsThe Yang, I feel good I can leave and been finished with that bad daily energy and go back on unemployment. The Yin, that I do have to go back on unemployment and have not had any replies to my resumes I’ve been sending out at every chance. There was a call for an interview the same day all this went down. So that also help my morale a bit. Although I was not feeling the vibe that it was going to be something that I really going to be into to having. Having the “sense” is a double edge sword.

So what now?… I ask the I-Ching …I’m curious…interesting enough it says the same as the astrology to do for the time being. Chill, organize, clean out, regroup…meditate.

#22 Grace  –> #52 Keeping still

Omoshiroi ne!




One response

20 07 2007

Hey man. It wasn’t meant to be. Dragons are baaaad luck. I see you working at a temple here in Kobe helping them to understand the world through your eyes. Your offering has not yet shown itself. I’m sure it will hit you one day like a ton of bricks. You have too much heart for it not to.

Gambatte Zen-san.

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