Mantis Season – Pt-I /The tourny

22 07 2007

7th Annual Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Memorial Martial Arts Tournament, was held in Alameda, Ca.

This event kicks off our Annual Federation event. It generally begins with this tournament and we have a banquet that night. This year the Tourny was held on Sat and the Banquet will be held on Sunday. This had a big impact on our turn out, as many schools from out of city, state and country this throws their plans off. It is hard to be able to attend a function on Sunday even then make it to work on Monday. Many do not want to attend just for the tourny and want the full affair. Understandable, I think this had to do with reservations at the restaurant we annually attend. Anyway, our turn out this year was much smaller. School in attendance were Walnut Creek, San Fransisco, Campbell, San Jose, Concord & Boston. None of the Canada , Southern Ca, or East Coast schools attended this year.


As this was out 7th yr, and smaller things went very smooth, even with the new addition of a Q&A session for the students with the Federation vice-President on whatever they wanted. Forms, technique, applications, whatever.


What was different this year was that the only 8th generation Sifu in attendance was Eng Sifu, my teacher. Sisook was with Simo as she has been sick. The other 8th generation Sifu’s could not attend.

So it was up to us the 9th generation to handle things. It has been in the plan anyway for us to handle more and more of the affairs of the Federation.

Zen waiting

They went well it was a good event and the best gym location we have had in a long time. Hopefully we can get it next year as well.

Next up is the board meeting, then Memorial banquet for late Sigung, then a week long training seminar. I was not going to attend this year, do to limited funds. However my students felt I should attend and sponsored me. A surprise treat, I told sisook, he said he was going to do so himself, since he felt I should attend as 9th generation and on the board. He thought it was good my students took the action. Sometimes things just work out. Hopefully my job circumstances will soon also. I do have a feeling something will change soon…




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