Mantis Season – Pt-IV / seminar Swords n Spears

24 07 2007

I will not write about everyday of our week long training seminar(maybe), I do not need to for me and the few readers may get bored. Today is day 1 of the training. We did review of the 6 single step sword drills and a couple of the six spear single step drills.


Then started on the two person sword and spear form ( kata/set). Fun! I’m glad I get to attend this year there are really alot of things I will be going over and learn that can be shown to my intermediate level students, not just things only an advanced student benefit from the training. I will be sure to put the things down on film this year as well as catalog some of the other things I’ve gone through, so I will not lose it. It is too much to practice all the time but I will need it when teaching in Japan so the students can be part of the same curriculum as here. I hope at some point once there and established I can bring a couple select students over for the tournament and banquet and perhaps testing. The training seminar maybe too much as most Japanese do not get a full week off much less and 1.5


When I came to class tonight Sifu pulled me aside and said “I heard you are going back to Japan”. He looked very concerned, I had not said anything to him as yet. I had mentioned it to his wife at the banquet, but had not made an official notice. Anyway he seems relived when I said it will not be until 3-4 yrs. I still have a lot of training to do.  He said ah, ok you still have time as yet and smiled. I was touched.

There are also things I’ll be learning this year that I need to fill in some gaps in my own Tai Chi mantis Training.  I was able to skip around things from the training list because I had learned them but differently or more advance stuff. I am back tracking on a lot of things from the system as I came in from the side door.

Anyway this seminar will be good, covering things I wanted and also help me to get back on a better personal training pattern. Which will make Sisook happy. I’ll start training more with the Walnut Creek school again. As Sisook says 3 yrs is not that long and I have a lot of things to cover.

This year my eldest student of some 14 – 15 years attended the seminar. This is her first. She is not a very strong type, so I am pleased she is making the effort. This will help her training. It will also being her closer to the rest of the other school student, even though they see her every year helping wiht the tournament there is a different bonding from training together. She will be sore at the end of the week, but will feel proud of herself, I will be as well.




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25 07 2007

How does Chinese martial arts play in Japan? I find that with the Japanese people I work with, few of them are interested in even their own martial traditions, much less those of China. However, these are harassed engineers, and not a fair sampling.

25 07 2007

fair question. It is the same in China most are not interested Chinese Martial Arts. I asked that question about Japanese interest in Chinese arts to someone who teaches Kung Fu in Japan. He said same as everywhere, many do not care, some do. Some want to do something different. Tai Chi is big and growing. As I said in earlier post I did Tai Chi in the park with a fair large group. I was suprised at how many of my relatives there study or had studied Tai Chi. There is also a Kung Fu interest as well not as big as here, but still enough. I am not really interested in having a large following. 3 or 4 students who are really interested is fine. I am not looking to open a studio. Teaching a few students in a community center, park, club house, giving seminars is all fine with me. I am not interested in quanity. I just want my quality to be without question to the few I teach. Even if it is only 1 or 2.
Thanks for the comment.

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