Mantis Season – Pt-VI / Final day

28 07 2007

We made it! Everyone was fairly out of steam on the last day. It was the hottest day of the week, so that made things a bit more of a challenge. Surprisingly my legs were not as bad as I thought they would be on the last day. Maybe my rest on Thursday helped. I did spend a lot of time taking pictures not as much practicing. I did get some practice in though.

group shotAnyway first off was the group photo as is our tradition. Then some warm-up drills. After that we break into groups. The new first time seminar people have to work on BumBu. Which is the original Praying Mantis form. All the Praying Mantis systems use this form as their foundation. Next the new folks, work on single step drills and the applications. That is pretty much the week for them. The thing about going through the Bumbu form is everyone no matter how long they have been training has to go through this process. It is more than a matter of learning the form it is about seeing how humble one is, and their attitude. When I first attended the seminar I went through it, even through I was already a Sifu and had to learn with people just starting 6 mo before. I did it. There was another teacher from Washington state, would had learned from one of the 8th generation masters. He stayed only for a half day working on Bumbu before saying, I have nothing to learn here got upset and left. The Masters said good BYE! We do not need you. Kind of like that  sitting at the temple gate for a few days.wC application

The second group this year, was from the Walnut Creek, school. Sissok did not want them learning weapons but practicing their applications. So for the week they stayed inside and worked on application & technique drills. They really worked up a sweat!.

spearThe last group, Campbell & Boston we worked outside. Single step drills on Sword & Spear. Then worked on the two person combat form. There were a few close calls, but no blood. A couple of bangs, and pokes, but no blood was shed so it was good.

Finally…the FOOD time!!

foodFood was ordered from a Chinese restaurant locally. A friend of one of the Sihing’s, so the owner said he would take extra care in the preparation. It was great!, Even a lot of good vegetarian food !! Nice!! I was able to pig out. It is not really good to eat that late, that much, but, it is only once in a while and mostly veggie and tofu so it was light. I had a big plate so did not go back for seconds and thirds like some people. Only 1 glass of wine and I was good. The rest of the evening was social after we handed out the certificate of appreciation to the instructors of the week. Then cake…I took my piece home along with some plates of food for Lady Z as she was not up tocake making the trip down to the school. The cake was great! Light not too sweet with pineapple. I should have gotten and extra piece, but I need to watch my sugar so it was just as well, I used restraint.

So ended another memorial training seminar. They seem long while in the beginning of it, but short afterward. Now we plan for next year, as it goes rather quickly with life as full as it is. At some point in the not to far future I will be off to Japan, and unable to attend these events as often. It will be a different world. Perhaps through even sweeter to visit and remember the treasures, even at times of the sad visits, due to the passing of time…these are good times.

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