Heart Ch’an – 6 of 6

5 08 2007


Today was the final session of the 6 basic lessons. It was another good day. We had a couple of meditation sessions, during the the afternoon, rather than one long one. We learned a new breathing drill to help build chi for the meditations. Today our second of the two meditation sessions was pretty amazing. It felt like everyone was in senq. The quiet and the amount of chi that filled the room was thick.

Shrxiang’s talk to day was on on being thankful and appreciation and how that was such an important part of being “zen” Thankful to God, to Buddha, to those who help us in life, to our parents, (expression/connections from the heart). Also how the navel chakara’s importance goes beyond just giving us good health it is our connection to our mother, to our parents. That is were we gathered nourishment. Through our navel chakara we maintain a spiritual connection to our parents, their parents and so on. Showing family respect is a big deal in Chinese culture.

Today was another day of breaking into groups and just talking about our experiences, or thoughts or ways of improvement on the sessions. I felt a better understanding of the group shangha experience. I have gone to these sessions since April never have a felt one vibe that cause me to wonder about the sincerity of heart these people. That my cousin and lady Z feel the same during their visits, gives me faith in the path. I have come to work this meditation not only into my daily life practice , but into my Kung Fu/Tai Chi class as well. It is the Yin to the Yang of the movements of the body/mind. Now that the basic sessions are over, I will no longer continue to post about the future sessions unless they are of note or I am able to attend the retreat in Sept.

It was announced today that we will, for those interested be continuing to have these Ch’an meetings there at the Tawain American Center. The bad news was, it was now going to cost us… The center wanted us to help with the rent. so the charge for the future sessions is going to be…$2.00 a person!!!

dayamn 🙂




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