I-Ching revisited…a new path

10 08 2007

I-chingIt has been just over a month since the door closed on the job from hell. Things have been very unsettled and a challenge to my “wa”. EDD ( better known as Unemployment Dept) has been lets say, less than helpful and I am still waiting to hear about my check. grrrrrrr. totally messed up system.

I have been turning in many many resumes without any luck yet trying to remain centered. It is a test of one’s spirit and faith during these times. There was one hope, which was only a spark and never went to flame.

This week, Monday in fact I went to a new interview. I was pleased to get it, but did not expect much from it. It was in another direction from where most of the companies I expected to work for were located, and therefore required crossing a bridge daily adding to the commute cost. The good part was it was opposite the traffic flow. However as I did not expect it to pan out I did not give it much thought.

I went to the interview, relaxed and centered. The place was not as I expected, not a corporate feel at all. Located in an old officers quarters on an ex-military island. It was a different feeling place. Wood floors, spiral staircase, fireplaces, big kitchen, dining room, high ceilings. Interesting.

I wait for the people. After a while the person who contacted me comes down stairs, we chat a bit, then the president shows up and we start the formal stuff. They have a prepared list of questions we go through. Kind of different but business related. Afterward the standard thanks and we’ll call you …

I was unsure what I was feeling. The interview went well. The position and the place sounded good. However I was unsure that I was feeling I would get the job, or I wanted it or I was just being hopeful about it. The Zen sense was saying yes and no, so I was just going to block it all and be neutral, and keep on looking. Expecting it to be just another practice interview.

Thursday, I can not help but do a bit of wishful thinking that …perhaps it was time. Yet keep telling myself, do not get your hopes up.

Thursday morning I figured, what the heck I’ll check the I-Ching…just for the heck of it.

question “The Status of my working for this company”

I read the hexagram wrong order and thought it was Reunited #59-52. In which case I was sure it was not going anywhere & it really did not make sense. I figured not going to happen and settled it in my mind at that, so much for that…onward…so I thought…

Off I went to Sisook’s shop for work. While I am there he gets a call. It is a reference check from the company. I’m surprised. I think oh, that is a good sign, but does not mean I’m in. I let it go.

Later I return home, there is a message from the President of the company, saying things that I could not quite understand as the message was garbled. I was able to get, impressed with the interview, alternate position, call me. Wow, hmmm ! I think, what is this.

I call we talk. I am offered a position different from what I applied for, it is a new position, she just thought of after talking with me. Some design but covering more than design, more of visual communications director. Am I interested she asks. It is a bit more money and reporting directly to her, I make of the job what I want. Whaoo I think!! HECK YEAH ( TO MYSELF) , I say, it sounds interesting, and challenging, I would be interested I like the idea of expanding my parameters. I would like to think it over tonight and speak with the Lady Z about it and confirm with you tomorrow. She says of course!

Oh Snap! this is a surprise!!

I go back and read the I-ching again. I see my mistake.

THE SOURCE #48 – Meditation 52

question: “The Status of my working for this company”

#48 The Source, The location may change, but not the Source. Again and again one can tap the Source, But if the connection is not not made or the vessel is weak, there will be misfortune.

Profound penetration forms the condition for the Source. An enlighten person, therefore, encourges those around him with advice and assistance

#52 Meditation, is to turn one’s back so there is no consciousness of the Self. Should he go into the courtyard without noticing anyone it is not a mistake .

Those who know the I-Ching, know there are certain changing lines within the hexagram that pin point the answer. I will not go into that other than this top one which is similar to the others supporting it:

You can now share with others, good dependable advice and exceptional fulfillment. There will be supreme good fortune in your life.

So I’m thinking. Dayamnn!

Ok, so that was what is was really saying this morning. hmmm

ok, so lets see now to double check.

question: What if I take this job (notice these are not yes or no questions)

This one is more complex:

Repair (#18) can bring exceptional progress. It is advantageous to experience the collective flow. Before starting, examine the future ( 3 days).

The penetrating (wind) moves below the perverse forming the condition for Repair. An enlightened person, therefore, arouses others to action while cultivating his own virtues.

(basic- work hard do not be afraid to take assertive action. You have the power to change your current state of disrepair)

Cosmic Order (#50) There will be exceptional good fortune and progress.

A word of explanation. The first hexagram is the present condition, the second is the future condition.

So, it sounds good, feels scary because of the newness. However I am ready for a change. I had been thinking of working on some other skills off the design foundation. This will be perfect. Some web, print, video, IT, photography, Internet, maybe some travel. Nice! I’ll need to do some study & research to step up my skills, but I like it.

A new path has appeared, through the mist.




Update, I start on Weds.

I’m thinking the title of “VP of Creative Visual & Audio Communincation” sounds good 🙂





3 responses

11 08 2007

Congratulations! Please let us know how it goes.

12 08 2007
David Royall

That is GREAT! I don’t know why, but I am real excited about this. Congratulations.

13 08 2007

Thanks guys, I’ll give ya an update down the road.

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