Yesterday’s story…

13 08 2007

It was a great day weather wise. I was scheduled to teach the sailing class for the City of Oakland. The 1st time in years I worked on Watashi no tanjobe. It a way it was good because money was getting tighter.

I was up early trying a new routine, a bit of Chi Gung, situps, then some yoga, then do Zazen. instead of just a few basic chi gung breathing then Zazen.

After getting a light breakfast of yogurt and a sandwich for lunch, I was off to Jack London Aqua center for the class.

I got a surprise when I arrived as the dock had been broken into and the boat I was taking out for class. Another boat as well had been victimized. This was the second time in a month. The placed had been robbed. I figured it was the same folks. What a shame! Anyway one boat which also had an outboard I was able to use since they did not take, also some misc safety items I was able to collect and do the class.

As this was the last day of the class there was a test. I gave the students the test and went an practiced my Tai chi and tai chi sword. It was a peaceful time after I got thing s settled and back on track.

zen tai chi

The rest of the day was spend sailing. With lunch spent at Jack London Square. It was farmers market day, so it was pretty busy. A one man band played the Tanjobe song, I took it for me as a good omen.

tanjobe player


flowers at the market

After finishing up the class. It was home time. Lady Zen was already there. She had taken a sick day off, and baked a cake. Sweet!

After a change of clothes we headed off to Jo’s Sushi Bar for a small celebration dinner and a couple of drinks. Jo’s is our favorite local place. We had not been in awhile due to our budget cuts backs. So it was nice to get out.


It was a great meal, with a little sake for me and a Sapporo beer ( according to Mike of the best bear around. I dislike beer) for her.

ban gohan

I decided to be adventurous and try eel. The taste was not as I thought, but I’m not sure if I would get it again…


The day After yesterday… this is my 1st one of two days I’ll have off midweek for a while so I’m catching up on house stuff and misc things. This blog is one. The other I am cleaning up our patio garden which I have let go into disarray with the changing of times. This is my chance to get it in order again. It is good timing with the Lady Zen’s mother coming for a visit next month. This will be her first time going anywhere outside Japan.


I had a break from my housework as the ladies from my old dept. long term job took me out to lunch. Again to Jo’s. I did not mind going again as I can always try something different. Today I had, a sushi roll and tried a jalapeno tempura appetizer…it was different, hot, but to too hot, at least until you ate a seed, then it was HOT! I doubt if I will order than again, once was enough even though I do like hot foods.

So teaching my Kung Fu class tonight, then a bunch of stuff to do & learn for Sisook’s website. Tomorrow earrands and I want to get a afternoon midweek sail in. My last day before back to the 9-5.

I got an invite today for a luncheon going away party for the guy who is leaving my new company. I will be taking over part of his work and other tasks. It willl be a good chance to see how the energy of these folks are on a social level. The fact that there is a going away party for one of the members suggests there is a good relationship among the group.

I’m feeling ok about this, nervous with the newness but ok…




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