Local News – Aug Prt II – Pain & Suffering

27 08 2007


I figured I could deal with sitting without a cushion. It did make things easier with the added height sitting in Zazen and I had done it before. However what I did not take into account was my leg had been getting sore over the last few weeks and today it was more so. I tried to deal with it. I made it through, although most of my sitting was spent trying to by-pass the leg pain. As we had gone through the basic stages of sitting practice, the leader was trying to increase the groups sitting time Another 10 min was not a big deal for me…usually. Today the extra time and the lack of cushion height, I believe took it’s toll on my hip muscles holding the position. For the next week I was in major pain, standing, walking, laying in bed. Everything hurt, I tried all kinds of stuff, changing shoes, adding arch supports, my chinese kung fu liniment, some days it felts a little better some days worse. I had planned on just dealing with it and going to So_Cal anyway to teach my seminar I had set up. I needed the money. Lady Zen was against it. I was hard headed and said, it will be ok.

At work I limped badly, getting up from my chair was brutal. When I was up Icould make do, so I taught my regular classes, but afterwards I got nothing done I needed to. I was burnt out from dealing with pain day and night. Finally after a few days I started taking Tylenol, which I never do, it helped some but it was still bad. By Thursday I had not a full night sleep and decided I needed to do something. I was going to see a Chiropractor because our insurance would cover it, but I wanted to see an acupuncturist, but they were not covered. Great medical system we have here in this country. So finally I canceled my trip and had Lady Z setup a doctor visit.

I told Sisook what was going on, he was against seeing a Bone Doctor, but said it was of course my choice. Lady Z, who I had taken to a acupuncturist for a problem she had was also more for that path. I decided to do some research on my pain problem. I found that it was a somewhat fairly common sport injury from , overuse ( eg: my sitting no cushion) or unbalanced ( my walking with only one heel pad in my shoe for too long). Chiropractic work sometimes helped, western doctors recommend just rest ( 20 weeks) and pain pills. Acupuncturist recommend this that and the other and should get about 4-6 treatments. ok, that did it for me. I setup an appointment for Sat.

I went in to this acupuncturist who turns out to me near our place and had a reasonable cost. She was nice ( and cute) my treatment took about 30 min . By that evening I was feeling 75% better. Way less pain, small limp. On Sunday I decided to just rest and not go sailing as I had planned. I did do some misc home stuff and organizing of our storage space. I still had a small limp but was much better, I could stand and sit with out much discomfort, and I had sleep that night with only mild discomfort. Life was starting to feel good again. Today Monday, I had next to no limp, no pain last night in bed, I can stand with no problem, and get out of my car like a regular person,not a handicapped person. Sweet!

I am set to go to the weekend Zen retreat this coming holiday weekend. Hopefully I will be able to sit in lotus, I will bring my cushion and just sit in a chair if I feel uncomfortable. It was a painful lesson on body balance




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27 08 2007

I don’t want to be the only one to leave a comment. Sad to hear about your pain. Hope your new job is a good job. I have fantastic news: to-day I received the first 17 entries of my blog in printed form, as a proper book. I’m telling you… it’s a great feeling!

27 08 2007
David Royall

It is good to hear you are getting some relief from the pain.

I am starting to learn that this business of aging requires a much higher spirit of adventure than I assumed it did when I was young.

I hope you are taking a liking to you new job.

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