Local News -Prt III Aug – the job

30 08 2007

It has been two weeks on this job as of yesterday. So far so good. At the last job by this this I was thinking, “OMG” this is not going to be pleasant. The commute, the conditions, the dragon! My commute now is about 30minutes. I go against traffic so it is next to nothing. Coming home I hit a bit of traffic near the home front, but nothing to write home about. The only bummer with the commute is havng to cross the toll bridge. Things could be worse!

my spaceI share a office with one other guy, in the rear of the very cool old building. It gets hot during the afternoons in the summer, but better than the warehouse were I was. Lots of cool spots to have a quiet lunch and no one bothers me…yup unlike the other place. It is nice to interact with other folks besides bosses were you can never be at ease. Also the owners here bring in their dog to hangout. A good dog, quiet German shorthair.

The job itself. I am starting to get an idea what is involved now. I do some in-house tech stuff, the server, networking, etc. I also design the layout of the intranet and develop/maintain, and add to the company photo database , which includes on site Photography at our events. I handle the audio/visual needs stepsfor the shows and events we setup for clients. Also the overall look of the events, backdrops, displays, colors, props, etc. Develop PowerPoint or some other format, presentations, with whatever musical and video enhancement I can come up with. Later to develop some type of interactive DVD to extend the conferences/events, etc beyond the one or two day shows.
So far i”m liking it. Nothing is perfect, and nothing stays the same, but if this stays within comfortable perameters I could see staying here until it is time to head to Japan for the new life.

I’m off to a Heart Zen Retreat this Holiday weekend…how cool is that. Things will crazy busy after I get back. It wil be good to take a break…




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