We are but leaves on a tree…

2 09 2007

That was one the sayings for the day’s morning talk, by elder brother… but first lets back up to the begining.

For now I’m just going to post a short overview and fill in stuff later with picture, so check back. It has been a long day and I’m running out of stream…

My Cuz picked me up from the train station and we got to the University Campus where we were staying in time for the group breakfast. We missed the Motion Zen warm ups, but that was ok. We made breakfast. I checked in, and met a few people, got organized and afterwards we headed off to the meeting place. We drove for a way further on campus, but back toward the water and off on to a dirt road. We drove past a low marsh land creek and bunches of birds. I wished I had brought my big camera…


We keep going til the end of the road, then got and an walked a bit. We had a hall that was right on a cliff over looking the ocean! Wow every one was pleased and surprised as we all went outside to look at the view, before starting.

checking things out

It was a nice location, no was around but us a first and we could hear the surf. Nice.

Zen beach

Our session for the day went like this:

lecture on the Basics and linage of Heart Zen aka Shao lin Chan ( new official name from China). We went over the principals of the training. Then a break. Nice , my leg was hurting. By day two alot of people were using Liniment on their legs.

Next another short lecture on the basic chakara breathing practice. Then lunch. I got to chat with a few people and met one of the top people here in the states brother JMJM’s 1st teacher. A very pleasant peaceful person to be around.

The most in depth conversation and surprising, was with a young lady who was planning on becoming a Christian, but was concerned about saying anything to anyone there about it and had some inner conflict about wanting to do Zen and being a Christian. We had a long discussion. She said she was glad to talk with me…it ended with, your beliefs are between you and God. If you prayed, for an answer, it will come, if you are open to it. … Later when people were speaking on their Zen practice and what it has done for them. One lady stood up and said, I am a Christian I have found no conflict with being here. I am thankful to God for leading me here and to be part of this! This was someone neither of us knew about. Wow! Talk about God answering a question…


Anyway, more lecture, practice, a lecture on DVD from the Shifu, another break. A short talk on Chan (Zen) & Science, then on Chan and everyday life. Next some outside Meditation then, Cleanup and back to the main campus for dinner. We had lots of food, for everyone, even me and the other Veggies. It was a long day. I’m in the dorm now writing this. I was going to go back out and do some Tai Chi, but, I think it is just a shower then to bed. I can get up early and do some Tai Chi before everyone comes out for Motion Chan practice. At least that is the Plan…




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2 10 2007
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