Final day

4 09 2007

The final day came quickly. Even through there were parts of the session that were challengingly painful. But that was do to my injury that made it a drag… it was still good. I am back now and digesting things, before a final post on this.

This is how it went on the last day ..

I got up at 6:15 so I could be out on the field by 6:30. it went just that way… I was expecting 3 people maybe to show up fro the Tai Chi session, it turn into about 10 !! I was surprised. I went through just a few basics with them and then a few moves about 5 or so. There was not much time for anything else we only had about 20 min of time, before the Motion Zen session started. Everyone was very pleased with the brief intro and were grateful. I was pleased. I would not mind doing it for them if asked at the next retreat over the course of the full session.

After Chi Gong, then off to breakfast…next to the cliff house for our final day. ..

We started again with a DVD lecture from the Sifu. It was about 1 hour long. I made it through most of it, before having to move because of leg pain. However it was better than the day before. Next a very short break then some guidance on some new mudras ( hand positions) and another chakara meditation from elder sister. That was very interesting. It was a brief touch into another level of meditation.

Next it was a break, then we divided into two group, one for the Chinese speakers, one for English speakers. We asked questions, and shared answers among ourselves from our own experience and from Elder brother, JMJM


The final part of the formal session was from the two main elders, a short film from senior brother and a short talk from Senior Sister. after this, We were told, there would be some things handed out, to a few, and it tended to be a very emotional event. I’m thinking , why?? just a few awards for helping… It should not be that be of a deal. The first of the gifts we Red Envelopes for those who help put the whole things together. Those of you familiar with Chinese customs know about that. I will not go into it. Next some pins, were given out to the new members of the family as a welcome, which were blessed from the Sifu. A few names were called, then mine, not really a surprise since I was new, although this whole part was unexpected. What really was a shocker was that after I accepted the pin, and sat down, I became over whelmed with emotion. I was very close to tears. I did not expect that!! My cousin also said the same. It was weird. Not like a sad emotion at all, but joyous emotion when really touched by some kindness given to you. It was a strange feeling to just come out of the blue like that.

zenbeach II

A final post …Reflections… and clean up over the next couple days..




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