31 10 2007

In Ch’an



Now things are settled from the seminar, I have some time to reflect on the weeekend. I’m glad I went to this event. It really gave me a chance to see how to bring the Physical, Mental, Spiritual aspects of the Shaolin teaching together. The seminar was a good environment for that. It also gave me the chance to see how I can run a seminar. I was told by a Shifu in Japan I could run seminars at his school, this gave me a good format to follow. I also came away with more respect for my classmate, he teaches good Mental & Spiritual foundations to his students. I had not seen him interact with his students before.

My classmate wanted me to come every other month and teach a seminar. I thought that was a bit much and suggested once a quarter was better and easier on all.  Good training for me & them. I’ll have some lessons prepared for the move and setup in Japan.


It was also interesting to chat with friends/family/classmates one has known & trained with for years and see how our paths are different but still the same. Another way of thinking , though we walk different path, we share the same spirit.


I guess though from a Ch’an  sense that is true of everyone.




5 responses

1 11 2007

When are you heading to Japan?

1 11 2007

Still a few years away I have a lot of pre-work to do before hand. Including getting my boat and sailing skills higher.

2 11 2007

You Zen, are the man! I got to respect your perserverance

I cannot recall if you’re vegetarian or vegan, but I know that it used to be
difficult to find vegan restaurants in Japan. However, they’re now growing
in number according to the following article. The article also gives locations of
a few of them

2 11 2007

Thanks, K.
I forget there are a few from BT who drop by here. Always a surprise when someone leaves a foot print.
I am vegetarian the info is helpful. I do eat some fish though, however it is great to find a new place to eat.

5 11 2007

The photo is lovely. Speaks a million words in its stillness.

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