Half Day Re-Treat Fremont

5 11 2007

This Sat. past, Nov. 3, a half Day Ch’an retreat was held at the HeartZen Fremont Meditation center. It was in my mind a re-treat of the Santa Barbara experience. The size was not as large, the venue not a nature center, but the spirit was as good.

TA center

We started at 1:30 and went until 5:00. It was really after 5:00 everyone was still busy chatting that Shijie had to flash the room lights for us to leave so she could lock up.

The day started with JMJM shixong, speaking on the Nature of Chan, our connection with the Universe and with each other. On the spiritual level there is only one not two. What we do to/for others, we do to/for ourselves. He also touch on Zen in business, other areas of life, & mindfulness because Zen is not just about Meditation, it is every moment, everything we do.

JMJM speaks

As always one of the interesting parts of these is hearing other give their experience on their practice of Ch’an. Spoke of heath/sleep improvements, change of attitude on life, relationships with others. I did my talk on our spiritual connection with the environment. How we are as Ch’an practitioners responsible not just on a physical level for the environment but also on a spiritual level. Our goal of easing suffering and connection to the Universal chi does not stop just at people. We all connected to all things, all suffering, be it person, animal, plant, water, air. Their/it’s suffering is our suffering.


We with through some motion Zen drills as a group. it was a bit crowded on the mats , but we made it through with no injuries -)

After tea break we did about 20 minutes of sitting Zen. That seemed about the right amount of time for many. Following that we had the raffle drawings. There were many prizes and lots of smiles.

After the meeting I got to speak with Brother JMJM about the visit to Shao lin Si. (temple) and the reunification of Sitting Zen with Motion Zen at the Shaolin Temple.

It was a good afternoon spent with the Ch’an family.

fremont group

I look forward to the May gathering, with perhaps a special treat in January with a visit to the States from Shifu.

I will be in LA this month on Shaolin Kung Fu affairs, this will give me a chance to meet and sit with the Diamond Bar group.




2 responses

6 11 2007

Myself, I prefer the standing practice, zhan zhuang (J: Ritsuzen). Standing until you fall down is a very interesting, which I’ve experienced a few times. You seriously know when the session is over at that time!

6 11 2007

The mtn has many paths to the top…

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