Shaolin LA – Ch’an

19 11 2007

Since I was in LA this weekend for the Kung Fu stuff on Sat. I figured I would go by Diamond Bar and sit with the Ch’an family at the somewhat new location. It was about 45 min drive from where I was stay and start early so I was up and out the door early Sunday. It was foggy, it got more foggy as I drove, but not to the point where it was a hazard.

D bar

I got to Diamond Bar very easy, the goggle directions were great. I was the first to arrive so I found a spot to the side of the building I figured to do some Tai Chi while waiting. I was just into some warm ups when the first car arrived. It was Tracey & Vicki, there were surprised to see me! I was an unexpected guest. I helped carry and few things into the location. The room is very nice, open, airy & good light. There is a fireplace at the end with some seating around it. I’m sure that is very nice on cool days and evenings. I could really get into meditating around a fireplace.

the room

It was great to see Tracy & Vicki, they were the ones who first asked about joining me for Tai Chi Chuan in the morning at the Santa Barbara retreat. We chatted a bit about this n that, then others arrived. More faces I had knew from the retreat, they were all surprised to have an out of town visitor. I was made to feel very welcome and a bit embarrassed by the attention. However it was at the same time, very warming to my spirit.

We did a about a 2o min meditation, then brother Tracy gave a talk on some things he had experienced visiting another Zen lecture and relating some feelings about connecting with others. We also did a small bit of Motion Zen , then a small closing meditation. After that I was called on to speak, that was a surprise. Since there were a couple of new people I spoke just a bit on my reasons for joining and somethings I had experienced without boring the ones who heard it before. 🙂

The Diamond Bar group has 2 sessions on Sundays. Each one is an hour. The first for English speakers, the second for Chinese. I stayed a bit after the first session speaking with brother Ronald and his wife sister Yi-ping, then the second session started. It was close to my time to leave for the airport, but I stayed and sat with them just a bit, and got another introduction from sister Vicki to the new group. It gave me a warm feeling to feel so welcomed, when I was just expecting to just quietly come and go like a like shadow of a bird before the sun. The warmth of all I have met in this group ( Heart Chan) is but one of the attractions, but something important the spirit needs.

Now that I know were the location is I will visit again when in Southern Ca.




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