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26 11 2007

For the first time in many moons, I/we did not run off to do something this weekend/holiday. Thursday was spent Chillin. We watched some TV did some “puter” stuff and read. Nothing exotic to practice, study, learn, just being in quiet moments. It was nice not to have to be someplace else.T- dinnerWe had a simple dinner which was enjoyable, we were thankful to share it and have it.Sat. we arise some what early but not too much, we are off to Monterey to visit the Tokyo Delegation. We had a few stops to make one of which was at the Japanese market, for food stuff and Sake.Another quick stop to check out a marine consignment then on the hwy to Monterey.It was a fairly quick drive down to Monterey traffic was light. The weather perfect Autumn day of Northern Ca. The water at the beach was a perfect peaceful blue with just a light breeze it would have been a easy sailing day.We found out friend’s place easy and good times began. It was good seeing our buds it had been a while. They were in their new Apt, that was part of the reason for the visit, the other just to visit.Lady Tokyo had said she played piano before, classical she said, but wanted to learn Jazz piano. I brought along my keyboard and flute. After a while of visiting I got out the keyboard and went through a few basics on Jazz and Blues. Then showed her a few cord progressions, a turned on a few effects. From there we jammed, for a while. That was a high point for me. I got to just free style over some basic cords, and we got into a groove. She caught on well and we had a good time. Next time it should be better after she picks up her own keyboard and gets to practice some. I think we can do some cool grooves, that will be fun.


(Note: Pictures are Arted out, Lady T is not comfortable being shown on the web. Gotta understand and respect that.)

at the table

Then dinner, OOOOSHIIIIII, A.E. did up dinner, and did it up right!!, The salad and pasta dinner was out standing! We had champagne, wine, and sake during and after dinner. We were in good spirits, but not wasted or close to it, all the food absorbed the liqueur. So unlike Nippon Style we did not get to the sloppy passing out drunk stage 🙂

table 3

We watched a great Music DVD during dinner, Prince, with Larry Graham on Bass, (my favorite funk bass player). With them were The Time, also there was Sly Stone’s horns section, James Brown’s sax player, & George Clinton also did a part. It was a GOOD concert. I was so pleased seeing some of my favorites. We chatted for while after dinner then went to bed as it was it the 2:00am range.


After a restful sleep we were up for breakfast, which Lady T was in charge of doing up. It was perfect for my taste, a simple Japanese breakfast! Miso soup with veggie, some mackerel fish and rice, with green tea. Simple, filling, & delicious.We watched a movie on Japanese abductions by Korea. A sad and interesting story. Something that is still not resolved it will be a sore spot with Japan for a long time.Then lunch time, Lady T. had started preparing almost right after breakfast seemed like. Of course we did not eat until 11:00 I think it was more like brunch.


It was Japanese style for lunch, sushi, tempura, sake, tea. Ah, very peaceful eating style visit, again Oshii!!! It was nice to have someone put the energy into cooking for us. We were grateful and full.


We watched a bit more of some taped shows from Japan our friend was in before we headed back home.  It was a good visit. It was good to ge out with our only couple hangout friends.Traffic was bad (read as it sucked) most of the way, but it was a good visit enough that the bit of traffic was not a big deal. It was worth it.A nice end to a couple of hectic weeks. I expect it to be quiet around here for the next few weeks. I will be putting my energy into my US Coast Guard licensing Exam Study and training (by sea blog). So nothing interesting here, I as far as I know… however things change…the Universe is funny like that.




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14 12 2007
Romulus Burnett

Damn, looking at that food makes me hungry and I just ate!! Hey, Zen is that Zu at your dinner table? I’ll be damned!!

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