Into the sunset…

26 12 2007

With the passing of Christmas this season , the sun begins to set on 2007. It was a challenging year. One in which we can be thankful to get through, and learn from our errors, celebrate our joys and sorrows, would be the Zen thought. For without those Yin moments of bitter tea, there would have been no chance to grow.


With the lost of my job early in the year I was not sure how this Christmas would be. I was fairly sure we would get by, but it would be very tight. Even tough we are both working, our Christmas was simple but pleasurable. We enjoyed the time we had together and that were were able to have food and a warm place to live. Our spending was modest. The high point for me was just being able to relax for a few days, no studies, no getting up early for class or work. I could read, study some Japan, clean up the garden a bit and tend to my plants. Of course some housework but nothing demanding…sweet. Some time to myself with a few chores to do at home to prepare for the New Year.
Lady Z had to work, but we still were able to feel like we had a holiday. Out to dinner on one night, to celebrate my passing my USCG exams and Christmas blessings. For dinner on Christmas, a filling but light homemade dinner, champagne, some good music, played “Go” , life was good. I had the place all to myself during the day, we spent time together in the evening. That has been rare these days. Only purchased a couple of small gifts for ourselves and immediate family.

4 lights

I heard a someone say , that when they were kids they got some 40 presents . That really made Christmas for him. Understandable, it would for me also if I got 1/4 of that score. Now he could not get his kid anything but some simples toys and even doing that was struggle. He was sad, it was a lousy Christmas… There was the party the day before with friends over, and lots of eating and drinking and sharing with friends that came out… reaching out…but Christmas was otherwise pretty much a bust. They are broke. Interesting how life changes our views from a when we were young, ne! When we base our nows on then it brings suffering. Interesting Buddhist thought there, on a Christmas, pondering. Yet Christian as well about attachments. Interesting how a a holiday based on a man who spoke of non-attachments to things of illusions, worldly goods, is all about the goods. Kind of sad ne!

Christmas night

When I was a child Christmas there were presents (a few) and all, but before that there was church. It was made known Christmas was not all about presents. Even though my path is now not a regular church attender. The belief of non-attachment to the consumer spirit of Christmas is still there. I tell my son, and anyone else for that matter, Christmas is not about shopping. I think the more the true “ideals” of Christmas are shown and taught at this time of year the less guilt and depression many will feel. Not to mention the debit.

Of course then store and sales would suffer…more spirit , less spending…
Interesting cycle ne!

Yin, yang, cause and effect, karma

the place

The Spirit of Christmas I feel is beyond religion so if taught correctly, should transcend countries illusion’s of boundaries. As it is now, but with the sacrifice of it’s soul. Fundamentalist would say, the Devil’s world has corrupted the Spirit of Christmas. But what do I know, I’m just a leaf…

Anyway, we had a good Christmas, we had our own space, ceremony, celebration, meditation, sparkle , we even received a few cards. Cards are kind of a big deal now. Because it is sooo easy & cheap to send ecards. Something that was common place years ago is a big deal now. Buying, signing, mailing.


Anyway now on to New Years…

The lady and I have never been the go out and party New Years type. So we will have a quiet New Year.

We are planning a simple Japanese Style New Year. Some meditation, some drink, snacks, traditional foods, quiet time. Like our Christmas was. Lady Z is off and looking forward to her first in a long time New Years day off.

Happy New Year!




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