View from the cushion…after the storm

7 01 2008

For now a somewhat short post maybe… I may come back later and make/add some changes to this…


The rain on Friday turned into a major ordeal. We were without power for most of the evening, once I arrived home. That along with some in-harmonious companion energy made for …hmmm lets say challenging most of the weekend.

Marriage is alot like doing zazen at times…maybe all the time actually, some days are better than others!…zen heheheh

My zafu came on Friday I’m liking it. I have no plans on taking to the group sittings, but for home, prefect! Much nicer to have one nice cushion on the floor, than a small stack of several.

I went to Zen practice on Sat. It was pouring rain at first but cleared up for the ride home. The meeting was somewhat small because of the storm and the room was very cold. However it was still a good session. We did one finger Zen practice. which helps develop concentration. A simple explanation is, first you hold up one finger and concentrate on the tip for about 3 or so minutes. Then someone in the circle holds up their finger and everyone concentrates on that, and change to another person every min. or so. Also since it was a small group more time was spent on doing meditation than explaining what/how to do it.

It was interesting hearing some of the Chinese view on the New year 2008, year of the rat. 8 is a fortunate number in Chinese culture. Big thing in China with the Olympics, is the torch being lit at 8:00 on the 8th day, in the 8th month in the year of 08″, see the 8 pattern, it is a big deal. I wonder about in Japan about the number 8. I do know 4 is not or maybe it is just the way it is pronounced in counting, so it is changed. Oh well, I digress. It was also interesting to speak with one of the group about Zen and Christianity as he is a Catholic. We spoke of of other clergy within the Catholic circles that also practice Zen and the some I heard of that also teach to their followers. Zen goes across secular border.

Sunday things are settling. Other than now there is no water due to the rain. Sounds weird doesn’t. Well the condos on the first floor on the front of the building flooded due to the run off from the street, they are set just enough below ground level they get the problem from the rains. So the water was shut off whilst they deal with that. Bummer for everyone. More so for the residents, but everyone will pay with higher homeowners dues to pay for it.

I’m reading reports of the problems with the new finger printing of foreigners in & out of Japan. Many see it as yet another blow of discrimination to the foreign community by the government, which is becoming more and more less foreign friendly, even to permanent residents. Although individual Japanese are friendly and kind, the government does not make life, let’s say pleasant for non-Japanese. In a way it is still left over from the old days, when Japan was a closed country, but now with new muscle, yet need the outsider. Kind of strange catch ne! Some Americans who have said they really liked Japan at first living there, changed after a year. They were never accepted as being Japanese, they were always foreigners. Of course this is how millions of Blacks feel in this country. So Japan in many ways is the lesser of two evils for us to live there. There all non-Japanese have to deal with undercurrent discrimination, here it is just the minorities, because the “real” Americans have been conquered and put on reservations. Hmmm, I guess it is really the same though, because in Japan if you are not Japanese, you are the minority… welcome to our world. The main difference is you do not get burning crosses on your lawn, gang jumped, lynched, and the other sorted, violent weirdness that happens to the various minorities here in the US. True things are better than before. Anyway I expect it to be weird regardless starting in a new culture/country at my age.

I heard the band practicing in the club house today, so I stopped by to do the New Years wishes. Nice to see the folks. We chatted a bit. If I was not doing the put off house stuff I would have sat-in with them. Next time, I’m there. I’m feeling the need to play, it has been awhile. I was just thinking about that just a couple of days ago. I have no idea what happened with the church group, I never heard from the choir leader again after I said I was booked until after the holidays. That is too bad I liked doing that. I could call, but I figure if she was interested she would have replied to my emails or if she did not get them contact me.

Anywhoo, I hope everyone is off to a good start for 2008. I’m off to TCB…





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