16 01 2008

Greetings, sup , hola, konnichiwa, ni hao, yo!

Seems like I have not written in awhile. I have though just not here. A few things doing or has been doing. Make sense, no, it’s ok.

I have another blog of sort over on Multiply. It is waaay different over there. I do not really write as I do here and on Zensekai II. I just post some interesting articles I find and some videos and pictures. It handles videos and pictures better than here, that is a nice feature. Along with being able to tell who’s visited your site even if they do not say anything. The people there are hmmm, different, but maybe not so much, other than they are more willing and do interact more than folks here, well at least on my page. Also you can see when someone post something of interest because of the contacts they are called, postings notices. Anyway, lots of politic talk, and some Zen things, sailing spots the world, etc. Kind of interesting, but I do my writings here it is like home. More like my private journal.


I had my first Jam of the year last weekend. Nice. I heard the band, well part of the band, I guess I could say the core of the band practicing on Sunday and true to my word, I heard them and stopped in with my Bass to get my Jam on. They were going through stuff I just played along. The keyboard player was doing some Bass patterns, I filled in around that. It was cool! Finding musical holes and filling them, but not to much that it was over done. It had a Tai Chi/Zen kind of feel to blend into the nature of what was there. Adding without, unbalancing. I can always find some Zen thing in what I’m doing. I guess that is part of making it part of your life not something you go to to do. Also once one starts just playing with out thinking about what being played, that is really that mindful Zen state, being one with the Force. Very much part of playing music, in the groove they say. Anyway, I digress, I liked it. They have a opportunity be regular players at a club down in San Jose, that was at one time a very famous Blues club. The new owner is trying to bring it back. Maybe I’ll sit in with them from time to time or work up a set. That would be kind of cool!


Other than an Atari that I had many many moons ago, that was basically something that would do spreadsheets and play a couple of games, word process. My first real computer was a Mac. I have stuck with them since! Macs are the BOMB! Anyway I went to MacWorld today in San Francisco. I was able to take the afternoon off from work. Thanks to my nice boss lady! I wanted to check things out. It had been years since I was able to go. The last 5 years my company was PC based ( barf), so I could not go with the company’s ble$$ing 🙂


So today I went, the weather was good, there was a big crowd. I took the Bart over after walking to the station. It was a good day for a walk. The big New thing @ the show this year was a thin thin thin laptop, which is very thin. Did I say that it thin, very thin? Otherwise, a lot of the things for sale were about covers for one’s Mac toys. Some new media software and gadgets. I ended up buying a folding laptop desk. It it easy to use sitting lotus on the floor, in a chair at a table with my MacBook. I am using it now. It is good support and keeps the Laptop running much much cooler. I was thinking something was wrong with my laptop the fan keep coming on so much. It has not come on once since using this!


Otherwise there were a few cool things I could have gotten if I had money to burn which I did not. A lot of things for Podcasting and video casting. Some of which maybe of use down the road for my current work in multimedia. However if the company had not paid for my ticket of 45.00 ( because I did not purchase early) I would have not been happy. It just did not seem worth it to pay that much money to get in to see things one could buy. The seminars were way off the hook in cost! It did not help my mind to read on the news stand headline about a deadly bacteria that is loose in San Francisco. It did say in the gay community, but still…I do not think the bug cares and there were A Lot of people there, it could suddenly decide to go AC/DC


So I’m back now, and it is back to work tomorrow. I really have to crack down on the job, the next two weeks. I am heading off to Nashville for a week long conference on the 28th. Not looking forward to it, other than it being over with! After that not only do a get a couple of days off, lil Sis is coming from Japan, we are so looking forward to it!

So that is the local news, campers. Lets be careful out there and try to be kind to each other. We all need it!




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