Year if the Rat…so far…the good III

17 02 2008

Day 3,

Things are going along well. Everything has worked out and in the case of the last night even better. It is Sunday, we are off to Sonoma County for wine tasting. As we had such a late night on Sat, we sleep in a bit on Sunday then were off to the North.

We headed out on a familar route for me. I use it everyday to get to work. We had to drive almost right by my office so I took a small detour and showed the Crew the office house built in the early 19oo’s . It is am impressive house , total different than what they would see in Japan.

Next stop a winery. We did two wineries that day. The first we had drinks, more like sips, which was perfect ad it was free. I did not take pictures there, but for one of lil sis & hubby. Our next stop had more visual quality so I got some shots.

wine villa

Also one of were Lady Z & I sat for our first picture together, just dating. It was kind of an anniversary return for us.

villa 1

We all went into the shop for snack & spreads samples. However as the drinks sample cost 5.00 we passed. We’ll I passed , and they all felt so afterwards I spoke up…so they said.


wine barrels

After strolling around the grounds for a while, it took off for Olde Town Sonoma. Time for some shopping. They hit a few stores. We had ice cream, then looked around some more. Finally a suitable prize was selected and we were off.


From here it was a drive out further into the countryside . We made a stop at my big Sis’s house for shakes and bows before heading back home for Pizza & drinks.




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