Year of the Rat… so far …the ugly

17 02 2008

the cushionThe Buddha taught that life is suffering. We suffer because we don’t get what we want, we suffer when we get what we don’t want, and we suffer when we do get what we want because we know we cannot hang onto it forever…me..I’m tired…

The family is gone back to Japan now. I am so glad that we got to have some time with them, with no worries. It was great sort of like our last visit to Nihon. Which was almost at the same time last year. Then came home to the bomb drop of being laided off at my last company. I believe it was around March 18th…March 15 isn’t that the ides of March and unlucky. I know it was for some Ceasar or somebody. Anyway I digress.

It is back to business at the office. It was an interesting week at work. I do not remember if it was this week or last, two people had gotten laided off. Not because business was bad , because their 3 mo probation was up and they were not workingout…

We had just finished up the BIG conference in Nashville. There are still post stuff to deal with. We had had a debrief after the big show and told we all did a fine job. I was busy with doing some web up dates, and taking care of the photos that need to be handled and cards designed, etc. Everyone was a busy, but …I’m feeling something is wrong in the Force.

After the end of the day on Thurs, I’m heading out and do my usual goodnight to those there. The President says her usual and I’m off to the car,… feeling very uneasy..Something IS wrong in the Force.

The next day there is a note on my desk, ” There will be a small meeting in the dining room ” Hmm, I’m thinking, food? Because we never meet in the dining room.

But, I’m not feeling food…

maybe the wrong room name …

I was right on that it was the other room…

Lady Z has been sick with the flu all weekend. We got out a little early on Friday, I have been letting her rest so far all weekend. I have just been staying inside seeing what she needed and meditating on life and the circles within it. I wrote a song over the last couple of days. The first I have done in a while. No words, different from my older stuff. This was really just done so Lady Tokyo could Jam with it and add some keyboards. It was good for me to make that musical connection, doing sometime like that always changes my spirit. A different way of meditating and connecting to the Universal Chi. Reminds me I do have some small talents to do something…

It is Sunday, I thought about going down to s/v Zen today, but I’ll wait until tomorrow, Monday. Nice that it is a holiday, bad that there is no wind for sailing. So I just sit here finishing up this and that, doing a few misc items before going back to work on Tuesday. Nice it will be a short 4 day week. I’m taking advantage of some down time to re-center.

Lady Z should be feeling better by Tues. She’ll have gotten some needed rest. I guess that is the time to tell her, about the movie Ground Hog Day

Because that is how I feel like I’m in it after being told, I only had 1 more month of work, until March 14th, when the company moves it office and I am once again out of a job almost exactly a year later.




3 responses

19 02 2008

I’m sorry to read that. What terrible luck.

All jobs are temporary. Clear you mind, take a deep breath, and move on to the next gig.

20 02 2008

Oh my! Zen, what a testing time – again! You dont need a lecture from me on the three marks of existence. You must have handled change or work placement very badly in a past life, or something….. Maybe its the last challenge you have to deal with on your path… the toughest saved till last?

Thinking of you, while I deal with my own uncertain future at work!

20 02 2008

Thank you both.

Life is change, resistance is futile 🙂

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