Year of the Rat…so far…the bad!

17 02 2008

Even in Happiness there is Sadness or suffering. That would be the Buddhist outlook. Meaning all good things must end, Within light the is dark. one could go lots of ways with this. It is unfortunate that the little bit of badness with the flow on the 4th day was not the extent of the negative flow, but more on that later…

For now day 4. We had been looking forward to a sailing day on Monday. A short hop over to Benica for lunch and an easy sail back.

However there were two glitches in that plan. 1. Low tide, was keeping us in the slip until later in the PM. We did not have that much time to just set thing adrift so to speak. #2 was there was no wind! I without wind, sailboat is just another boat. We had already been on one all afternoon in Monterey and they were taking the ferry tomorrow. Not much difference in the board sense. So not much point taking out s/v Zen with no Wind.

So figuring to make the best of things, we drove over to Benica for lunch and a stroll around town.




then Thai Food…



Afterward we did the next best thing to going out and floating in one spot, we went back to the Marina and


Raised the family flag …


had wine and chatted there in the cockpit of the boat.

layed back

We enjoyed the day from where we were and what we had. The Kobe Crew had practicing throwing up the “Zen” sign so were just a bit disappointed,


but they were able to do it for the shots,

zen sign 2

so no waste. 🙂


After a couple of hours or there-a-bout, we call it a day. They are off to a NBA game in Oaktown ( Oakland).


It would be several hours later before they could eat. With that in Mind we stopped at an All American Food Shop called the Hot Dog Stand . They would get the traditional faire for going to a Sport Game, Burgers N Fries, Hot Dogs and Milk Shake. Pig out!!!… I got the veggie burger. One of the reasons we stopped at this place was because it had “Air Fries”, not the deep fried usual stuff. These were made with hot air, and tasted great without the oil. That was broken…and the company was out of business!

All this great American Pig Out Food was cooked up by a sweet older couple from Korea who own the place.

dog house

So as bad goes, not having wind, and stuck in a slip until higher water, no “air fries” was mild…

Unlike the ugly…

I did not tie that flow in with the Zen Sense running in the background feeling a disturbance in the force…




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