Kyudo, Life in a small space…

21 02 2008

su KyudoI have had several revelations over the last few days. one has to do with the Connection of Shaolin, Ch’an and Sailing. I have spoken of this a bit on my sailing blog before. The other is a small thing, but is clear and has to do with Kyudo and life. The “Zen” of it…

I recall thinking before about how unnatural the positions in doing Kyudo are as compaired to Kung Fu movements which are built around how the body naturally moves. There is nothing natural feeling about Kyudo form. Maybe that is because I have not been doing it long enough. Hmm However something that feels natural, is natural, it is that way from the beginning, not having to train in it for a long time before it “feels” natural so delete that, “not in it long enough thought”.

Once I said, the test of Kyudo is going through these positions and remaining relaxed is part of the main challenge with Kyudo. That is where the “Zen” starts to come in to play. Well a deeper view to that is, one must go through these “forms” “positions ” to shoot this arrow at a target, without being attached to the actions, the results, or arrow. Yet, focused on doing the whole things to our best ability. Which includes hitting the target. One’s spirit must be there focus, yet detached. The form of shooting is important, the flow of shooting is important, the hitting of the target IS important but not the main point. To do each shot perfect, without, losing the flow, the form, spirit. Not just once, but again and again and again and again…

This develops the warrior.

Each shot is different, yet the same.

“Kyudo demands that we let go of our goals and expectations and live fully in the moment. Through meticulous attention to detail, all aspects of the Kyudo form and movements provide a subtle mirror of the self as well as an opportunity for deep study. ”

This is the point.

Life: everyday we need to get up, go through our “form/ positions” perfectly, yet remain detached. Go to our job (or look for one), maintain perfect form, do our job, ( load the arrow and shoot) without, losing the flow, the form, spirit. Not just once, but again and again and again and again…

No matter hitting the target or NOT!

Holding that mindful state of “Zen”, without fighting to hold it. Holding it, Connected, without being attached to it.

Shoot for the target, without being attached to hitting it. Each shot, each day, each arrow, each office, each job, each relationship, each wave, is different, yet has some sameness to it, even if it is just our attitude towards doing it fully mindful. We need to do whatever it is we are doing, with our best effort. No matter the outcome. All of that, yet, go beyond any discomfort of the “form” . Pain from the arms, legs, back, heartbreak, loss of income, relationship breakup, any of the multitude of things that come up in life and in the mind when sitting meditation. We need to stay in touch with the Tao that is beyond, touch, words, forms. Yet function in a place that is just the opposite. Stay in touch with the real, yet function in an illusion.

Everyday is Practice, Everyday is Zen, Everything is Practice, Everything is Zen, Everything is Kyudo.




2 responses

22 02 2008

Nice post.

28 02 2008

I needed to hear those words, so much. I think their clarity may remind me of HOW to BE.

I had become lost in the maze of feelings and emotions that come after action.The perceived importance of these feelings etc had become distorted.

Deep bow of thanks.

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