Life is Change…resistance is futile

21 02 2008

waveI am very thankful to have 4 more weeks of work before having to deal with EDD and life’s extreme cut backs again.

I am also very very thankful my family from Japan all got to visit us without, having the shadow of no job over our heads. I only slightly regret picking up the 300.00 dinner tab. That will work out in the big picture. From a Zen view, the money was only temporary and being fully in that moment it was the thing to do and it was pleasing.

In some ways this is easier than before looking forward from here last year. Perhaps because we just went through it, or it is just beginning. The big uncertainly in this is, will I get the Max amount for EDD? or how much? Since I made far less money in the last few cycles, than last year. It is good that I have some sailing teaching jobs upcoming in April. Also Sisuk has a lot of thing for me to do and I have not seen him since before the holidays. We’ve postponed a couple of meetings since, now both back from our travels. Too bad he can not afford me full time. I’m going to go with the ” Zen sense” that does not “feel” like it will be that long before, I’m too busy again. I will make a point to enjoy this time more than last. Perhaps my practicing is kicking in more now. I’m going to go ahead an still plan for the retreats this spring. The teaching monies will pay for it. God will put me there if I need to be. Somethings you just need to do for your spirit.

The hardest thing right now is coming to work everyday and still staying focused on doing something constructive, work related. I got my cleanup before relocation assignments today. Simple stuff, need to stretch it into 4 weeks. That will be a task.

I told Lady Z last night, she took it well. Disappointed of course, but calmer than I thought she would be about it. Maybe it is her “Zen” training kicking in. I feel better now that she knows what’s up also. She also felt it was pretty lame of the owner, how things were done, but I feel it could have been alot worse. Like a day or two notice, not a month. I do feel ok with that.
I still do not feel focused yet. Kind of like that half wake state after a long nap.

Part of me says, if you do the same thing ( look for just a job/income), high chance of the same results. Do something different, but what is the question. What do I want diminish in order to gain…what? My life is pretty simple and fine, other than being ready to move to Japan and needed to prepare, save, train, study, practice, save, Study, did I say save 🙂


There is the long range Nihon plans, but that will take time to reach that point of readiness and I need money to do that. I just want to find a decent job for 4-5 yrs. Four years at GOOD, Fun, satisfying, low commute, fair pay job would be great! It could happen…

Maybe Obama will be president…who would have thought 20 yrs ago, he could have gotten this far. Makes me think there is Hope for this country… it could happen…

I digress…

For now it is back to training for the next mission…back to basics, sleep, PRACTICE, re-center, sail (which is under practice), be open to the Tao let it run it’s course. The “Force” will put me where I need to be. In sailing terms it is called “Heaving To” in the storm, and as others storms on the sea, this too will pass…

Life is Change… Resistance is futile!




2 responses

21 02 2008

Being focused while at work is another form of practice in these circumstances.

Have faith, brother!

The picture – Hokusai? Hiroshige?

21 02 2008

Very True that! Being focus on the moment to moment is the task at hand.

The picture : Navaro Rapids, c.1855
Artist: Ando Hiroshige

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