The Training Path – Shisuk

29 02 2008

spring flowersI went by to visit Shi-suk at the W.C. school last night. He told me to come by and get some practice in. I was suppose to get there near closing . So it was somewhat late when I left my place, about 8:30 It took will power for me to get going. I was ready to call it an evening and take a bath. However I made my self “Ganbatte” and go. We were I expected going to work on Chen Tai Chi, so I was not seeing a intense Mantis workout.

When I arrived he had me go through the whole set with one of his senior students. I had not seen her in awhile, He had improved 100% from the days when we practiced and went to tournaments and demo’s together. All those private session with Shisuk and a lot of practice paid off. She will be a good heir to Shi-suks, Tai Chi line one day. However she does needs to understand more about”fighting” part of it not just how to move, to be complete.

I went through the set with her, from time to time Shi-suk would check me out. I did not feel I was doing well and was expecting to hear about it. I had not been putting the time in with my Chen studies. More on Our Shigung’s Ta Chi Palm and Yang 24. I enjoy Chen alot. It does take some will power to practice it though with everything else going on. With my new training program I’ll doing it more often, not everyday but more often.

When the WC class let out Shi-suk came and went through the Chen with me up to Single Whip. He had alway said that the rest of the form is easy if you get up to here correct. We repeated a few time up to the same sot. Then he had me just go over the opening over and over. Correcting , my stance, balance, arms and points of awareness. He had me go into position then said , you cannot do push hands like this, you will lose and gave me the smallest of pushes and I right away lost my balance. He had me push him hard as a could from the stance. I could not move him. Different stance, not a budge. Then some from a shifting stance, like push hands. I tried to unbalance him trying to blend in with his movement to a weak spot, nothing…

He said, you & I do not need more forms, or movements at this stage. The important part now is working on the details. Practice this!

After our little session we, spoke on other matters. Shi-suk is my mentor. He give me advice and some guidance as if I was his blood nephew. We spoke of my need , in his eyes to purchase a Canon camera, not a Nikon that I am using to do some working and training with his Photography & Wedding studio. He says I should take advantage of the free training I can get from working with his shops’ Photographer. This he says, is a skill you have already, why not develop it more? I is something you can use in Japan. Even if you do not do weddings. He is right. I had some thought on doing some photography there. Boats, Pets, Inland sea, the trip there. Things that if done well, I could sell.

We also spoke of developing/updating his companies website more and what type of Computer should he purchase. He says, with the move to this new location he has lost 60% of his Tailor business. In a way we are in the same place, he says, restarting. Life is training, and starting over.

Morning…on the road
Pink, white, purple and green

Colors against a foggy sky

Flowers herald spring…

Earth is starting over

As do I




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