Earth Hour 08′

30 03 2008

earth hourWhat did you do last night?????

Here in the house of Zen we did our symbolic part for earth hour. We have all energy saving bulbs in our home anyway. Lady Z enjoyed doing the by candle evening. She says it should be done once a month.  Once a year is nothing. She would be even up for everyday lights off by 9:00 or 10:00 pm. With her it was not so much the energy saving but she just likes the feel of it. We ended up with the lights off for about 2.5 hours not just the one. She got to talk, I got to listen , and listen and listen… 🙂

here are a few things about global warming:

Sidney alone – everyone turning the lights off for one hour was equivelent to taking all the cars off the road for a year.

1.Human activities are changing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere since pre-industrial times are well-documented and understood.
2.The atmospheric buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is largely the result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels.
3.An “unequivocal” warming trend of about 1.0 to 1.7°F occurred from 1906-2005. Warming occurred in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and over the oceans (IPCC, 2007).
4.The major greenhouse gases emitted by human activities remain in the atmosphere for periods ranging from decades to centuries. It is therefore virtually certain that atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases will continue to rise over the next few decades.
5.Increasing greenhouse gas concentrations tend to warm the planet.





2 responses

1 04 2008

I was on a Zen retreat, so it was easy for us to join in. The place had an Aga for heating, cooking and kettles for tea – no problem!!! I must blog about it.

Nice to know we shared across the world.

3 03 2009

Commenting on this post a year later… going back in time is not really possible. Could we do WITHOUT internet? that is using electricity and what not. I think we have to move forward and invent a new way of having all that energy for cars, lamps, cooker, etc. Any idea anyone?????

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