30 03 2008

PatioI feel pretty out of it today. Maybe too much sleep. I got up early @ 6:30 did some Zazen then went back to bed until 12:00. or maybe I am hung over, but I only had a small glass of TQ & OJ. More likely I’m just brunt out from the week.

Big trouble over the use of San, Chan, just the name or no name. Who knew outside of Japan it would would be such a big deal! Very Complex and too much to write about. Let’s just say I learned something the hard way, which will not be forgotten. Hard lessons are like that. Now I’ll just pull the nails out of my hands and continue. wiser…

I’m pretty disappointed today. There is a Kyudo demo in the city, I did not go. A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the instructor about an upcoming Seminar asking about the cost, so I could maybe put aside some money to attend. I did not go to the one last year at the S. Mtn Zen Center, as I was not working and no job. This year is a repeat (werid, eh) but I really wanted to attend. I had a small bit of money I would make the effort and have faith in the Tao. I received no reply. Early this week or late last week I got a mass email about needing people for the demo and info concerning the seminar would go out later in a few days. I replied I could help with the demo. I received no reply! My disappointment is not for not going, a bit that, but I received no answers, I felt blown off. I made up a couple of excuses for the reason for that, but still…maybe It’s me.

a messI have been doing my taxes all this past week for 06′. Sitting on the floor surrounded by papers and two computers a mess! Since I have no office space, it can not be helped. Yup I’m late but I knew I was owed some money so I did not sweat it. I got a notice from the State of CA, saying “Yo Zen dude, whats up we did not get a file from you, get on it by 4/2” They did not say it like that but it translated to the same. Anywho I finished it, they owe me more than I thought, SWEET! I’ll send it off on Monday. Next week it is 2007 work, I’ll get that out of the way. Another refund will be nice, however it will be no where nice as 06′ from the Feds. It will help though.

I will be flying down to LA in 2 weeks to meet our Ch’an Shifu, he is making a rare visit to the States. My cousin gave me her airline flight credit so I can fly down. Nice! I had been waiting for this since around Thanksgiving, there were changes, then more changes. Finally I let it go it would happen. However now it is.

Tonight is Earth Hour, we will be doing our bit here, I hope you will/did as well!

There is a new blog site starting on Life in America from two Japanese ladies who live here who are in Blasian relationships. If you read Japanese you can check it out here: http://laydz.wordpress.com/

The Ch’an weekend retreat is upcoming in May. I’m still really torn about going or not going. $600.00 for the two of us including room and board. Not really a bad , but when one is not working, serious thought is needed.

We received a blessing on my unemployment check payments. Since I was not working much last year I did not have much in the fund. I thought we were toast. The condo would need to be put up for sale or, go into forecloser from us not paying. However I just made it under the line for the cut off time from my good job last year and my payment will make the mortgage. So we can get by although tightly for the next 6-mo to a year or I get a new job, which ever comes first. The I-Ching says I should meditate and clear my mind to see the path ahead. My plan years ago was to have the Boat not only to sail, enjoy and travel , but if worse came to worse, with work or the government, I would have a place to live and not be homeless…it was a good plan.




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30 03 2008
Aaron Wakling

Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

Aaron Wakling

31 03 2008

thank you for information

2 04 2008

Hi Zen, this was an unusual post from you. Usually you seem so confident and clear about things. I wonder what problem you had with using “san”, “chan” first or last names! Yeah, among Japanese you really have to be careful with that. It all revolves around how much intimacy or distance you need to show someone.

26 06 2008
Mike McKay

Hi Zen. I think maybe it was me who brought up the use of “san” and “chan”. And I just posted it again on my site. Sorry. Maybe it will help others understand also.

When I first got to Japan people were calling me Mike-san. I learned that “sensei” was only for those who are considered highly knowledgable. I then learned that the ending of “chan” was used as a cute way to address girls and “kun” was used for boys. Now I teach at a university and have spent quite a lot of time and money to earn the name “sensei”. To hear Mi-chan really kinda strikes a nerve.

Please don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either. Friends?

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