Sugoii !!

1 04 2008

lily pondWhoaaa..Things are a buzz here!! I thought the big thing for our Zen group this year would be the Weekend retreat in Monterey. However Ch’an Shifu, Miao Tian, Deputy Abbot of Shao Lin Temple is coming to or from Tawain to visit the Heart Zen main center in SoCa. He is on his way to or from some other country doing spiritual Shifu stuff. The last I heard in a matter of a few days notice they are expecting 100 people to show up for the one day retreat. At first just I was going, next it was my cousin and I, finally now Lady Z is also going. She was feeling a bit unsure since she had not been practicing. One does not gets a chance of meeting a major Spiritual leader often so I made the choice that she should go….. So we all are going.

Tian ShifuTian Shifu speaks some Japanese, so Lady Z can speak for her & me. I am suppose to do the face to face exchange with the master. whoa. There will also be another Japanese woman there who practices HeartZen so Lady Z can have a talk in Japanese with someone else. I see all this as a good thing and I have a couple hints that this is something I should go to, for whatever reason. So all this goes down in two weeks… The Zen Crew’s Excellant LA Zen Adventuresugoii




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1 04 2008

Things are really buzzing Zen. What exciting times!

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