Kyudo brain II

10 04 2008

Cooks cornerWhen I was a kid, staying with my Grandfather, he would not let me have a rifle like the other kids. I had to use a bow & arrow when I went out hunting with them or target shooting. When staying in the house, I’m taking about countryside here, there was some critter that use to get into my room. I did not know what it was, I stayed up waiting for it one night, and shot it. Imagine my shock when the arrow just bounced off it’s thick hide! Yeah, I’ve been into bows for a long time…

This Kyudo thing is a natural for me with that background. Another reason why my mind has been so Kyudo focused, I think also it gives me something else to think about other than finding work during a recession.

I heard more about the Tiger clan Kyudo retreat. We are suppose to be up at 5:30am and lights out for all at 10:30pm. Everything is suppose to be planned out to give maximum exposure to all activities. From Zazen to Long Range shooting. I’m hopeful there will be some free time for me to take pictures, do Tai Chi and read. In a way I am looking forward to this more than the Ch’an retreat, where we will just sitting and listen, sit and talk, sit and well…sit. There will be a little a Tai Chi and motion zen, very little and I’m teaching the Tai Chi. This will also be a good retreat, just different, I’m really pleased the Lady Z is going. We will also be close enough to visit our Nihon homies at night.

I came across an old book I had called Buddhist Yoga whilst doing some storage room clearing. I studied Yoga a lot some 30 yrs ago. I also had Yoga as a large part of my Kung Fu class for a while. I changed it to almost nothing due to time reasons. I plan on bring it back more into the Japan program. There is a large population over fifty I plan on tapping into. I figured to start with my own training. I was surprised when the Lady Z also said she would like to learn some Yoga. So back to the book. This book I read years ago, when I found it I thought it was mostly about positions. It is really very little about positions, some, but mostly about the Principle Oneness of Body and Mind. From Breathing, Skin care, and Food, to Meditation, Repentance & Gratitude. Same things we speak of in Zen Practice…




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