Thursday Chen w/Shisuk

11 04 2008

Training/practice takes different shapes, different time. It had been a long day for me, nothing stressful just long, doing misc stuff. I was not up to going out late to Shisuks for practice. This was one those telling moments of what path you take on things, your spirit. I was not up for going , but I did. Part of training is just doing it.

The class had more students attending than cars, in the lot. I was a bit surprised. I bowed and entered. I headed to the back to put up my jacket and stuff then went back on the floor. I was checking out a few picture and getting a bit loosened up when Mae comes up with her orders from Shisuk, we are to practice Chen.

Nice!, I wanted to go over some Chen parts I knew I was missing so this worked out well. I thought Shisuk would have me doing breathing and silk weaving drills. I was pleased it was Chen tonight.

Chen is my favorite of the Tai Chi Chuan sets I have learned. I enjoy the feel of strong yin and yang flow, with the fa jing and the Spiraling chi. As I wrote that I flashed on a thought of trying to send that spiraling chi to the arrow next time I shoot. Maybe I am thinking too liner when I shoot. Just something to test… Away I digress.

I am pleased to be able to learn Chen from Shisuk, who can relate how things work and the crossover with our mantis techniques. He teaches heavy heavy basics, as well as where and how the power travels, the expanding spirals, the expansions and contractions of the body and chi flow. Balance, being centered, rooted, yet flexible. A bamboo in the storm…

I will miss my elders when I go to Nihon. I am blessed to know them and learn from them…Life will provide me with new Elders to learn from. Perhaps I have already met them…

Chen style for me is more like I’m doing Kung Fu and not just ‘motion zen”. This Chen, Shisuk is training me with, will be the advanced level training for my students under the Japanese Program. Yang 24-beginners, Chu 24 Palm-intermediate, Chen 24 – advanced. This will be in addition to other practice training, but these will be the forms for the foundation of the Tai Chi Chaun Path along with some Zazen. I think these give a good balance on training, rather than just a long 106 movement form few would practice. This way even if they picked just one form to learn and practice, and drill and digest and make it theirs… it would be a worthwhile path, for any age, even more so an active, heath wise senior, or middle age seeker!

So how was my practice tonight, ままをを! Some parts I felt better with because I have been practicing. I try to remember what I was told last time, and watch the girl I am following, with Shisuk watching me. He corrects her in Chinese , I listen, and correct myself. The lady I am following has gotten amazingly better with her Tai Chi in the last few years.

It was a short session, Shisuk needed to leave on time. So when the Lady I was with needed to leave, I left as well. It had been a while since I had trained with the WC school on a regular basis. They all said, WoW so short, you should stay. I thanked them but needed to go. It was their class time, another time for me, if it is in the Tao.




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12 04 2008
Rick Matz

I’ve been away from the computer for a few days, and you’ve been writing a ton! Kyuudo sounds just fascinating. You obviously get a lot out of your practice.

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