20 04 2008

The Walnut Creek, Tai Mantis School had a BBQ this Sat.

My students and I were invited. As usual unless it is a big event. I am the only one that shows up to these things.

There were not that many people there when I showed up. Even Shisuk ad not arrived yet and I was 1 hour later. No matter. I can hang out…

I went through the school, took some pictures said hello to all. I chatted with the senior student outside for a while it had been awhile since I had seen or spoke to him. I’m sure I will be hearing a lot more from him with the summer events coming.

There was no Chinese food today at the BBQ, just BBQ. I do not know how true but I hear the meat of the day was squirrel. The meat I saw them cutting up into small strips looked different..

I was having veggie burritos & pasta no matter what they ate. We had several nice wines to chose from. Finally Shisuk arrives so we can eat.

As we are into our plates more people show up. The interesting thing about Shisuk’s school is that there are a lot of couples with there kids.

Shisook is very much the parent with all of them… the Shifu. He gives advice, on health, study, business, relationships, not just kung fu. He students are very loyal. He is a firm teacher, but will do anything he can for his students. He truly helps them develop in character not just physically. When questioning him on it he will say, generally, this is how my Shifu taught me.

One of the late comers is a friend of mine from Vietnam. She is one of my favorite people there. For no other reason that we click and are about the same age. She is a vegetarian also, so at the banquet through the years we, her, Shifu’s wife, myself & wife, and another couple share the same table. This past banquet I find out she is a Zen student.

So when she comes today I figure, Oh, great I can hear some of her system. She pulls up a chair at a table with myself and Shisuk. Her and I get to chatting, this is really the first I had gotten to speak with her about her Zen practice. When I found out at the banquet when were just about leaving. This day I find out she holds sessions at her house, and goes to various other meditation centers around the Bay are as well. She is a student of Zen Master Tich Nhat Hanh, recieved her Dharma Name via him. She goes to all his retreats and such and hold her own session around town. She also is the Vietnamese translater for his books for publishing in English. Wow I had no idea, she was up there. We also spoke on Ophra’s new project with he author of “new Earth” I think it is called. She did not know of my studies, other than the motion side of Shaolin. I told her some of Shaolin Chan and she asked for the web address. It was a brief, but interesting talk, she needed to go pickup her husband. That was a good point for me also, there was a new flurry of activity, so I said my goodbyes as well and headed home.




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23 04 2008

I am part of a sangha who have Thich Nhat Hanh as our teacher. He is coming to hold a retreat in the UK this summer, which will be the first time I have seen him “in the flesh”. Fancy meeting his translator!

24 04 2008

ah lucky you!

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