Friday Fu w/Shifu…April

29 04 2008

Hard to believe another month has passed. I arrived early to the school since I was closer to Campbell and not working. After speaking with Shifu and giving him a CD of the school logo for new shirts. I set about warming up.

Soon I was joined by D1 . We chatted about what I was working on. I told him mostly review these days. I have a lot of stuff to do. I did want to learn the two man Bun Bo Mantis set. My problem was, Shifu knew and taught the 7 -Star Praying Mantis version. Shisuk’s school did the Tai Chi Mantis version. The 7-Star version looks more complete we agreed. It is more realistic in the moves, where as the Tai Mantis version looks like somethings is missing. My problem with learning the 7 Star version is I would need to learn both sides. At least re-learn one side and totally new on the other. I had stopped doing the 7 star version. However with the Tai Mantis Version I only needed to learn one side. Hmm Something I need to speak with Shifu about, in my questions about preparations. There is another set I want to learn from Shifu is his two man Tai Chi Drill. Shifu does not have a lot interest in Tai Chi on it’s own. He does I hear, think this Two Man Drill is very good. Very complex I hear. This will be a challenge to learn both sides, plus catch up with everything in 3 years.

D1 asked if I was learning two handed sword from Shifu. I said no, I have plenty of stuff I need to practice and relearn I do not need yet another set to practice. I do want to go over The Mantis Long Staff with you! Ok , He says, let’s go it. For he next 30- 45 min we reviewed the Set. After a bit we were join by D2 who also practiced with us reviewing the set. I practiced until I was pretty sure I had it back. I still need to practice to feel more comfortable with it. But I got the moves again. I also made a short video of it. That way I will have a backup in Japan.

After a while I went inside. Shifu was speaking and demoing about cutting inside of a punch, and following up with several options. One of the differences with Shifu and Shisuk. Shifu is all about combat, how things work and following through. Shisuk is more technical and academic in his approach. They do not always agree on things in the system, practice, training, application. Shisuk usually submits to Shifu his senior. They do have some heated conversations at times. More so when they have both been drinking.

Friday ended with some talk on Jet Lee and Jackie Chan’s new movie. Entertaining , was the final remark by someone who saw it. Cool I’m there!




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