10 05 2008

A older student of mine wrote me asking if I knew of such n such person, “G” who teaching Wing Chun, is an accupunturist I said yes, he was younger classmate from the Tai Mantis School in Torrence. She sent me his website, for Turning Point where he works in partnership I guess. I read through it, I was impressed with his growth and that he was also a Zen student now. He is working with another younger classmate who is a Jujitsu master now and has a school in Oakland called Suigetsukan . I had seen them both several years ago at the grand opening of the Jujitsu school. I decided to arrange my schedule to be in Oakland on Friday night and drop by the Dojo.

The last time I was there, some 2 or 3 years a go. My classmate, the Professor was out of town. Today I went by after visiting Shisuk at the Photo studio. It was about 1 hour before class, the dojo looked empty. Knowing that some of the group live there I rang the bell. After a few mintues one of the student answers. I have a bit of a chat with her, because guess what her Sensei, the Professor is out of town. I am told he does not go out of town often, I said I do not come by often and both times he is out of town. Anyway, I was going to leave a note and then find out that the other classmate, “G” is living there as well and is home. I follow her to the upstairs dorm and am announced.

“G” is surprised and please to see me. As I am him. We sit and talk of old times and old mutual friends. It is a nice visit. It is funny the connection that we who trained together hold. I wonder if people who do regular sport have this. This guy was a kid when he started at the school, as was the Dojo Sensei, the Professor, who was one of my students for a while. Now he is all grown up, they are all grown up and we are still at it, different paths but still the focus, same mind as Lady Z would say. Time and the legacies continue. I guess the few who stick with it through time have that same weirdness and once you have you always have it. It is a strange feeling through to be looking at our studies from the other point in the spectrum, and not the beginners level.

The Dojo seems to be an interesting place. If I was younger and single it would be a cool place to hang out, learn some Arts and met some like minded peeps. It was brought up that they do seminars there at the school, would I be interested…If I was, it could be brought up with the Professor. He felt it would be interesting to see another point of view on combat.

They have a mixed of Arts there at the Dojo,  Jujtsu, WIng Chun, Ba Qua, Eskrima. Zen meditation. A serious student coming out of that background, would be a well balanced Martial Artist.

We will met some time in the future for a reuinon lunch or tea.




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