a visit

11 05 2008

As I said before in another recent post, but on the other site, we do not have many visitors. This Sat we had guests over for lunch. This is a couple we met at and Islanders event. She is from Osaka, he is retired from working here in the Bay.
We met them at the last gathering we had heard they were moving to Japan,, once married. However they were still looking for a place to live. Anyway, they were getting married and figuring out where to live.

It was kind of disappointing to meet them now just before she was going back to Japan, so we would not get to hang with them other than lunch on Sat.

Lady Z had prepared a great lunch for us. We had a nice visit. The girls got to speak in detail to each other and even better in “Oska bin”. Over all we spoke of many things, including living in Nihon, food and even a bit of zen.

It was a pleasant short visit as they were off to visit his brother 2 hours away.

Yet all is not as it seems… I find out afterward they are not the lovey engaged couple we thought. He has not popped the question officially, and her parents, although she is long past 21 yr, do not want her with a forigener and do not know about him. She was here taking classes for 3 months is the story. I did not know that was still a thing with Japanese, marrying a foreigner. I thought is was pretty much accepted. I guess not, some of the old ways still live in Nihon.




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