Sonoma Mtn Zen/Kyudo – retreat – day IV – かい

22 05 2008

Day 4 – Kai

Zazen to welcome the sun and wake my spirit. Since day one so far I have been almost the last to get to the Zendo. Today I was early, of sort and not almost breathless from Yuma-san ( the mountain) I had time to stretch and do some mini chi gong. I figured it will help the sitting. I find there are others doing it as well.

This was my best day, I feel normal today and the temp is more bearable. Still hot, but better. I must be adapting and it is getting cooler, relatively speaking from day ONE. Breakfast was the bomb, French toast, Roasted potatoes, fruit salad. OSHII !!

Lunch was also “bombalish”, as was dinner. In fact all the meals have been off the hook as they say.
I did my work period back in the garden pulling weeds. It was hot, I had no gloves or my missing bottle, but I dealt with what I could. It would have been nicer to start there earlier before the sun hit. Crawling around on the ground hands in the dirt, helping the plants. It is a different sense of connection with the earth.

I did a lot more shooting today. We learned targeting today. Sighting, hiting the target and the philosophy of it. One should hit the target, but not hitting hit does not make it a bad shot. Also practiced the kneeling form, Sumi again. It was good to get some real bow & target time in.

I have gotten in the rhythm of the Zazen sessions , even though still hecka-long. It is the second one that is the kicker. All in all it is not so bad, I heard of all nighters they have. Broken up into section, but still…

I have adjusted by really focusing on my Chakras, and taking advantage and grateful of this time to do so. That is the whole point of doing this retreat and practice. Even taking a break internally from doing that and just drifting at times, when it happens, then coming back to Chakras. Feeling Physically better helped… no duality

I was feeling well enough today after practice to go through my Tai Chi Palm sword set. On the back deck of the Yurt. Te view was great , but the deck was not comfortable. Now I’m thinking tonight after lights out I will do some Chen tai chi and sword again in the lower parking lot, Lil Kyoto, before taking a shower. I should be able to sleep much better. I did sleep better last night , but not perfect , but better.

I am writing earlier today , I have a bit of a break, before I just took naps today… I am alive 🙂
Now it is time to get back to shooting. I will write more later tonight before bedding down.

I had a treat today, I got some ice from the freezer when another student did it before me and we had a really cold drink , Yummmmmm. I have been lusting after one for days. It will be the first stop once this is over a large COLD COLD apple juice. Ahhh simple pleasures, great joy.

After all the sessions today, I did go to the lower parking lot to practice my Tai Chi and play my flute. I have figured out the routine here now and what I can do. I was surprised to see someone else there already practicing Tai Chi. This was a guy who had flown in from Texas. We had spoke a little before about his study of Wu style in Aston, Tx. I quietly watched for a while then, found my own spot away from him, with my back turn to give him and mysef a sense of privacy and started my Chen practice and Chi Gong.

The moon was almost full , it was cool enough to be comfortable. I practiced a bit before, playing a bit of flute in the darkness and the dog in the distance answering me . I really could not get into my flute playing since I was worried about disturbing anyone with my late night playing. So I only played for a short while before going to the bath house for a shower and finally finish this.




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3 06 2008

This series is great, great reading….

lovely to see a similar bell to the one we use in our meditation sessions. Zazen -the same, no matter what the country, language or mental furniture.

Mind is mind.

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