Musical Z

17 06 2008

I had a surprise last night. I was asked by an old student to play with the band for her wedding & play this coming weekend. She and her husband-to-be are professional clowns, I did a show with them last year, for those who follow this there remember the the theater and the circus shows. Anyway, so I told them I would be glad to do it. I’m always up for playing. It meant going late to another event I had planned, over on Treasure Island for a Summer Sailstice event. Acually I had planned sailing to it, but that had to be canceled with the Wedding. Anyway, on my last gig, my Amp started to major act up. I had put off getting it fixed. At this point it was too late. I ended up with a little bit of extra money from our tax refund. So I went looking for a Used Amp. I found one, I thought would be good. I drove for 1 hr to this place got lost, which meant losing another 30 min. Only to find this Amp was NOT a good buy. Bummer!! 😦

I went back to the search on Craig’s list. I happened a cross a new ad the next day. It was for “like new” Amp much closer. I jumped on it! I called the guy only to find out, he runs a mUsic store and is clearing out some Amps he had. The amp was not “like New” it was NEW!! Still in the Box. At less than half price!!! Cooll!! I was there!

So now I have a new Amp, prefect size and weight and the Brand I wanted CHEAP!. How cool is that!? So last night I went to my first rehersal. The AMp sounded nice, but sounded better after I put in my In-line EQ. Now it was great! However that was not the surprise, I digress

The surprise is, I was expecting to do this gig for free. However when I got there my student has a small stack of stuff for me, which included MONEY! NICE! I tired to turn it down of course, but she insisted. I have learned through the years, not to try to argue with a woman 🙂




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