One thing leads to another…

17 07 2008

There was a song called that years ago. I do not recall you made it, maybe the Cars…no matter.

Things are unsettled, to say the least. No work to speak of, Interesting I am now on as a part time sailing instructor at 3 different places, non of which are enough to live on. But I did predict some work by June/July I’m still on Unemployment. Funny thing, not funny haha, but funny pain in the butt weird, is that they pay you 1/3 of your salary after making you wait 2 weeks, but paying you for one, and then when you make some extra money beside that, they take that much away from you. So it is like you are being punished for losing your job and for trying to make enough money to live off besde what they pay you. Weird anyway already I digress because i’m off the topic.

I did that wedding show a couple of weeks ago that was fun. I invited an old student of mine to the show with her husband to be. He is a sound engineer. He asked if I would be interested in writing a sound track for a audio play he was expecting. I said, hmm ok, I’ve not done that before, but… sure I can give it a shot.

Last week we had a read through for the play. It is an interesting piece, totally not what I expected. Myself and another guy, the partner of the husband to be are partnering up to do the sound track. This should be interesting, I love doing studio stuff and a new adventure will be fun. We are even suppose to get paid at some point. wow, how cool is that!




One response

19 07 2008

Uncertainty surely points out to us that the only certainty is change! Living in the moment is the only sanity, I guess. I wish I could live it. The universe is certainly giving me plenty of opportunity.

Iperson to whom I hand over my job during next week passes the four week trial period, then I shall be able to retire in five weeks. If not – then I am doomed to stay on.

Breathing in….breathing out….

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