DVD release an interview with Shifu Paul Eng

28 07 2008

From the backcover of the DVD:

In May of 2008, Master Paul Eng, gave a rare interview to Plum Publications. A well known but reserved martial artist, Eng Shifu opened up with a session that started quietly and evolved into a warm exchange of ideas, reminiscences and observation on that most misunderstood avocation and passion: the life of the martial artist. Travel with Paul Eng from his life in post-war Hong Kong, through his training in Choy Lai Fut, Hunga, Shaolin, Fu Jow Pai and finally his beloved Tai Mantis. See what it means to follow a path that is itself a life.
Soon to be released to the public via his website in 1 week .

I got to view the DVD today before the full public release as I will be posting it to his website. I found this to be an interesting dvd. It is not about forms or fighting directly, but about the experiences of a Master, his thought and views on Kung Fu, Students, and style he has learned, most of all Tai Chi Praying Mantis. There were a few things I had not know/heard on on the DVD. To some who are not privy to Shifu, this is a great chance to hear some of the things, and in the setting we his students get to be face to face with. As I watched the DVD I felt just like I was there on one of our Friday night, after class sessions were we sit around and chat with the Master.

It is a worthwhile addition to your collection. This is part of a series to be released. This week, while he is in town there will be another interview taking place with Huy Dieu Chiang Sibak who is the Tai Chi Mantis elder to Eng Sifu. Sibak worked and studied with Grand Master Chui Kai for many years while he was in Viet Nam. He is one of the 12 linage holders. He currently teaches in Aton ( Boston) Mass.




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